Friday, November 11, 2005
Emotional retard but finger on the pulse for great music!
I have to thank my older bro(localhost!) for introducing me to Nizlopi They have saved me from mental anguish so many times! It is the music I have listened too every time I speak to Jen on line and it brings back memories of the first days! I feel abit better about the situation this morning!(dont know why!) I have heard that Nizlopi are going for number 1 this christmas and I think they diserve too! If you get chance check out the JCB video it is fantastic! Just follow the link there! Its the best download I have seen and its free! I think I have told you all about it before but I think now I have reached over 5 thousand visits to this blog I need to tell you again! These guys are great! Honest!

I have got abit of a medical question for you all who have tryed copaxone! I have a large lump from yestdays injection and its ichy! Injected in the tummy and the site has gone red!I think I will check with the doc but it could be a thing for new starters to read if you can tell all what you think! This morning injection bled but doesnt hurt!

I am still off work and would still like to speak to others with ms! I have spoken to a few of ya so far and made some great mates! Give me a internet 'tinkle' and we can chat!

Hope you are all ok

P.s Remeberance day for world war vets!(this has been changed after I said it was for ww1 vets only! We all make mistakes!)
posted by personallog! @ 9:43 am  
  • At 12:03 pm, Blogger pocketpunk said…

    and WW2 and everyone else that has died in all wars

  • At 12:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dave, i just went back on copaxone. my first shot is red and very itcch too. i hear its normal. i dont feel it should be tho.

  • At 1:06 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    PP.....well erm yeah thats why they call it rememberance remeber everyone who has died during any war! thanks for the comment tho!

    Nice to see ya back Camille, just been to see the doc and he says its normal if you hit a fat pocket! We live and learn!(Dave is fat!hehe!)


  • At 5:24 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    When that happened to me while on the Copaxone i freaked too. My doc said wait 24 hrs. and you can try to rub the lump out and for the itch try some over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. Let me tell you that cream was my favorite (legal) drug!!!

  • At 6:04 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    The reaction ... yeah, pretty common actually.

  • At 2:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    now i have 3 large welts. i do hope it gets better. one for each day.i am even using the auto inject.

  • At 7:38 pm, Blogger localhost said…

    dude, have to agree. rememberance day is for the living to remember the dead in all conflicts. be that yesterday or a thousand years ago.
    and, if you are going to credit me, link me up in the blog. i could do with the hits!

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