Tuesday, November 08, 2005
What a day! Happy Birthday Vicky!xx
Ok so I didnt do a full day but I have started collecting some money in for the jump on the 10/12....I added the total with the help of my team manager....

Drum roll please............so far its over £1000.00 and if you add whats on the internet site to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> it is looking good!

But I dont think its good enough....I want to get more! Well dont you? I have spent more time in the house than at work and if I can raise a grand by doing....well this Imaging what you could do! Imagine what I could do if I actually went to work! I still have forms out to collect at work too! I have forms all over the country now my family have started (the timing was my fault but cheers guys!).....oh and how many of us could do this? There id 2 million people out there and the numbers are growing daily! We can beat this if we work together!

Right of the podeum! (well its my diary too!lol). I got a text from Jen today saying she is coming for the weekend! 2 days and I think that is great news! I wont tell you what the rest of the text said but it sounds great to me!More happy Dave coming up me thinks! I am so in the mood to celebrate!

Got the weekend planned with the boys too! They get here on friday night and that will be the time to get drunk!hehe! Its one of my ex's birthday today so good vibes to Vicky! Not Vixpics!

Todays music has to be for her tho!:The drugs dont work by the Verve. I remember sitting getting drunk with her and a group of friends singing at the top of are voices!

Hope you are all well!
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