Wednesday, November 09, 2005
You have to have respect for this disease....
dont you? You wake one morning and feel fine....then the next morning you feel like that car did hit you in your dreams!

As you may have guessed not at work today! What can you do? Well I think I am going to relax and watch tv, listen to music(I can feel Hernan Cattaneo the dance music,god like dj!) and go about general duties today! Respect the disease.....hmm yeah!

I have had a few phone calls today from work and the insurance team for the bank that I work for.(I know they are protecting themselves as a buisness but they are here to help too!) They are now suggesting some help that I think ms'ers need to be aware of when your returning to work or getting help from if your in work. There is a mention of The Shaw Trust and the work they do! I need to read into this but it has been said that they can help. Any help is good help isnt it? I have to get back to work and earn money so I can do the things that I want to do in my life.

Work to live not live to work! This has allways been my moto and is even more evident today. If I want to learn to drive I am going to need the money to do so! Getting back some mobility would be a massive hit back at ms, even on a par with the jump,well personaly anyway. I know we all have are own fight when it comes to any disablity, it just turns out that mine is public, If I find out anything that might be a benifit I will let you know. I hear that I could get money of my cab fair if I am trying to get to work! I need to speak to some people to get more info(if your in this country please let me know!) but as soon as I do I will put it down here!

I think I need to start fighting this disease in a different way or at least get more people involed in my fight! time for a three rule thing:
1.Having Confidence
2.Being Possitive
3. Except help, Get help

Hope your all ok
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  • At 7:06 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    I think that number 3 of your 3 rules thing is the hardest one to do!!! It is for me personaly...who wants to except help when you are a grown adult?? Certainly not me!!

    But after almost 5 years with this disease I have learnt to accpet the help that comes my way otherwise I could not be Super mom like I used to be!!!

  • At 1:18 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    And you have some beautifull kids! You are doing a great job there super mom!


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