Monday, November 07, 2005
Am I in the school of hard knocks????
Half day at work today! I am not happy! I have spiraling debt and I want to do so much more with my life and need money that I am not donating to charity! In pain today so I am going to have the illegal pain killer and relax! The first hour of the day and I have got £15 toward the jump! Got the taxi in to work and the driver put some in!(dont ask me how!) I am sick of taking the kicking from this disease! I have enough mental trauma with out the pain! Dropping the jazz for today! Time for angry Dave to kick some ass!

*****Link can be found at******

Hope you enjoy the vid! I think we(ms'ers!) are in the hard school! This track was given to me by Jen(head still mashed by her!!!)! I have to find a job that I can do from home! Any idea's.....anyone!If I could get paid for doing this blog I would leave my current job straight away! Music reviewer! Movie critic! Artist!(not piss artist...but that would be ok too!) I want to work from home! I need to get in toucxh with a social worker and sort something out!Any english readers out there doing anything that I am not? Get in touch please! I am having a get together tomorrow with Em and bobby and this weekend cant come fast enough! I have a want to get even with disease soon! This jump is so going to be done at high speed! Need the next challenge idea's to start rolling in soon! Before I jab myself with that damb needle in the morning!

Hope your all better than me! A very angry
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