Monday, December 05, 2005
Sorry about the eminem Yesterday!
I did say Stella messes with you mind tho! Normal service will resume shortly! Honest!

I got up at 5 today! I think I am scared of the idea of going to work! What will people say when they see how skinny I have got! How many new people will be there? How long will I be able to sit in the chair before the pain kicks in?

Well I will let you know when I get back! Wish me luck!

I am thinking some rock!

This is for Camille if she is still reading! Love ya mum!hehe

Right I am back from work and really tired but I did get a taste of what the future will be at work in the future(I only had half day today!)! I am going to have to work hard if I want to achieve anything(doesnt eveyone!) But I have started the ball rolling on a couple of future working from home!yey! and I got some sponserships for the jump on Saturday!(this saturday!) I just hope I dont let you guys down! Then it christmas and the open road to recovery! Just need to sort out my love life now! I am in love but I dont want to mess her up like I did with Sinead!(or she did to me!) Roll on tomorrow! Please do keep requests coming in! I will look for them honest!

is soy sauce a cure?
Have a good day

P.s Weird question from my little sis today..."what would you like for christmas" Well world peace, cure for all disease, No povety in the world ect ect But I would settle for a happy family and to wake up with Jen every day! What more can I ask for! I just want eveyone to be happy I dont care about me!
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  • At 8:29 pm, Blogger pocketpunk said…

    I'll second that my sweet...just to be happy can dream .....

  • At 3:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dave! hi! i read you everyday. i like linkin park...can you email me? when my laptop crashed i lost your email...thanks

    i am doing well with the copaxone!

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