Sunday, December 04, 2005
Stell Artois is evil evil evil evil.....
I have such a bad head this morning and it all my own fault! I'd forgoten how the french brew is my worst foe just for the hang over! Why oh why do I do it to myself? Its not like I dont have bad days is a bitch but ms with a hangover! It was great to see Ian again(at least 1 out of three got here!) he reminded me of why I like my job and the whole night life with it! There was a moment that I think I saw his determination for the job and I want that back! I want to be back at work and show vigor, show determination and be egar for the pay check again! The french lager has to go tho! I am sure I can do it I want to get my career back! I want the suit and tie guy back! Being part of the rat race as they say!(who's they?) Can I do it? Well best try if I want things to start happening I have to do it for me! I want something for me! Bloody hell! I am so going to do it too! I think the hangover is starting me again! Start from the bottom and WORK your way up Dave! I have to change the music back to dance! The tribal drum of the employed is calling! I can and I will! Even feel like I can do sales again and that going to be a challenge and a half! Bring it on! Just a couple of exams to pass then back to the hard core!

****Eminem: my name is***** Modern day poet? I like it!hehe
And all of this while hung over too! We ms'ers are hardcore arn't we! I hear coffee calling first tho!hehe! A great time find out that your brother and wife are splitting up eh! I knew something bad was going to happen! I think I will give up smoking today! Let the madness continue!

Hope you are all ok!
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