Thursday, March 09, 2006
Back to being busy dave?
Yeah I am busy! Viewing a new flat tonight so may need to move soon!......STRESS!!!!

I do it to myself all the time and no-one else is to blame! Its a ground floor flat I am going to be looking at and it has a shower and a....wait for it.....A WASHING MACHINE TOO! GET IN! Then I wont have to hand wash and rely on my mam for my bedding! AND ITS ON THE GROUND FLOOR! No more stairs!yey! I hope its good as the stairs here are killing me. Yeah ok I will have to re-arrange post and stuff(internet,bills....ect ect!) but I have been wanting to do something for myself. I was getting bored with this flat anyway! I feel like I am trying to break out of my own prison and this the first step....lets see what it looks like first eh! been in work today and I am getting the work thing back.....I am damb good at my job and I do love it if I am honest.

Just the next step is going to be hard and my take me a while to move every thing I own and give the flat a clean... I can...and will do it!(if the flat is good Dave!) For some reason I think its the last step to be me more of my ex and the bad feeling I have had will be left here in this flat!Does that make sence?

The great thing(apart from the stairs!) is its cheaper rent!!! More money for beer!yey!
I will let you know what happens and I hope you are all well!
(p.s no music today as I want to let someone sign on with there old pc!You know who you are!!)

*****Just seen it....and errr wow!I would have some things to do for it like change address but its down stairs by two floors and I would have to move all my stuff! There is even places to sit down while cooking food and it has a bar!!!yey! No washing machine but they did say I can put one in. It has a shower in the bath tub which is better than I have here! Wood flooring in the frount room and a coal effect fire place and it warmer than my flat for sure! I would be a fool to let it go but I have to check in with the family to see if they are ok with the idea and get more keys cut! I want to do it now! I will have a word with Jen at the weekend because she loves the flat I am in! But its my choice tho and it has my vote even thats is a bit smaller! Still stressfull but it will make my life so much easier once I am in! The rent is £10 more(I think that pays for the shower!) but it would be so more confortable! The selling point for me is the gas oven I cant wait to cook again....I guess thats a yes for! I have got some party weekends to plan as I have allready been asked twice! Come on! The new Dave rocks! Such a better mood than the last week!
Hope your all ok
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