Tuesday, February 28, 2006
2nd full day and I have realized my job is poo!
Customer service sucks balls! I take the corporate shafting just like the rest but why am I stuggling to get in to a job that make me feel like a second rate citizen. As if being disabled guy isnt enough I have to serve the zombies that bank with my employer! I know I should be thankfull that they are still paying me concidering the time off I have had....but the trogladites that ring in for my customer service(which is slowly getting worse!) should be lined up a shot! I know the pain I feel by sitting in the crap chair they have given me,I am awaiting another replacment for my skinny butt, is making my patence run low but the intelegence level of these people is disgusting! The last call of today I felt like saying:
"well if you dont want interest on you credit card all you have to do is take 2 screwdrivers and ram the into your eyes as hard as you can! That will cure any further problems honest! I find if you place them on the table point up then ram your head in a downward motion works really well with no charges for the rest of your life!"

God damb it! Bad day saved only by the fact that my zombie legs found the strength to walk home! Why am I trying so hard to get to a job that I hate? Will it be to hard to find a job where you dont talk to the mass unclean??? I can feel my brain seeping out my ear! I have to stay there till after the jump so I can collect mony for the ms society, I have a saving plan that matures in November so I cant leave till then....then we are back at christmas!

I guess a great day was had! I was there!
Hope you are all ok
posted by personallog! @ 5:40 pm  
  • At 9:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    heeheehee, dave you're funny! making up a fantasy plan of pain for your rude customers which includes the most efficient way to drive those screwdrivers in as deep as they will go...best to keep it a fantasy, though, there's a big difference between thinking about what you'd like to say and actually doing it...you might get fired for the latter...

    you're pretty good at computers, ever think about getting into the computer programming field??? lots of people with disabilities can still bang away at a keyboard and you might land a job that lets you work at home??? you'll still have to deal with assholes in that career as well, though...there are assholes everywhere!

  • At 7:33 am, Blogger personallog! said…

    Sounds like a good move...I think I have some reading to do! We will see what today brings eh! Wish me luck and hope beyond all hope that I dont kill anyone verbally!lol!

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