Friday, March 03, 2006
must grab a beer...

Oh I got my wheelchair gloves...and they make my hands look so 70's gay! Just need the leather flat cap and I will be in the YMCA! They are great and should do the job fine no matter how gay they look.hehe! They have a padded hand grip and I have used them in the house to break them in(I loove having grip on the walls!). I can see me using them alot in the future if I get the wheel chair too. I am in a good mood today and think I know why I have been with this company for so long...I like helping people! The pain does get in the way and I know why work are questioning my work recently...I will get back on track soon! I have something to prove now! Well maybe thats how I work...Find the bad bit and it can only get better from then! These gloves are great I can type in them too!

I helped somone today who has reminded me why I am good at my job....I helped them and they said "Dave I love you!" hehe! It was a lady who was old enough to be my mum but it was the thought that counts eh!
Talking of girl is here tonight and I cant wait! I have to get ready so...
***Dresden dolls***
Hope you are all well
Dave(its just started snowing...heavily!)

I want one of these wheelchairs(no need for gloves with an ibot)click here!
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  • At 4:49 am, Blogger amanda said…

    wow if u call that heavy snow you should come to NY and truly see some heavy snow!!!

    BTW that wheelchair is nice. Who needs legs when that thing can even climb stairs?? That would be real nice if you could get one!!!

  • At 10:03 pm, Blogger Kim said…

    Glad to see your looking at getting a chair Dave. If the legs don't cooperate, don't let them get in your way I say! Good on you. I think the gloves are good... not lame looking!

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