Wednesday, March 01, 2006
3rd day...forgot pain management!!!
So finished at lunch!Damb! Not only painful...The ramifications of yesterday came back and bit me in the ass! I am now on a return to work plan...Monitoring my calls and having a development plan to make sure my calls don't get....Well they need to have some element of customer service and I need to calm down. My last work station assesment advised I need to have a break every 20 minutes and they have arranged this for me. I cna now sign in the phones and out of the phones when needed...doesnt make me feel any better really. I find the whole thing a bit testing on my nerves as I have to keep administration. My hand writing is allways has been but I have to keep this log in good order in case there is a fire or anything. Health and safty I guess but I can see the light on this. Looking at my career path up to diagnosis it shows on the up and up and now I am back to square 1! I have issued these plans to new staters in my history and know them like the back of my just feels like crap! I have coaching planned with a guy that I used to train....god damb it! Oh well they are still paying me!hehe! I can do this, I know I can! Once I am back on my feet at work I can start getting my life back..I think it will put some things on hold for a least I ordered the disabled pass for the driving. I will do the rest at the weekend if I dont get to drunk.

I am not going to see Jen for a couple of weeks so I will feel down, she has got some drinking with her buddies and stuff(I ask no questions here as the gay sence isnt my cup of tea!) I am sure work will be fine in future as they have been great up to now. I have some work to do to deal with crap on the phone and the new seat and mouse will help with the pain issues. I think I might look further into programing/IT work, as a change of job in the future maybe forced upon me...I really hope it isnt! I need to cheer up and be more chirpy....I have some reading to do if I want the job change and learning to drive would work in my favor here(catch 22 Dave!)! We will see if I can get to work first!

hope your all ok

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  • At 7:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    dave, customer service is a tough job and i sympathize with the difficulties that one can have with people who want to take their frustrations out on the nearest person (generally you) least you should know that there's one person in the world (me) who tries to be polite when calling customer service and i even try to be polite (but firmly negative) when dealing with unsolicited phone calls...i do draw the line at bill collectors, who quickly get the brunt of my caustic tongue if they won't leave me alone...(i'm going to file away that screwdriver comment for the worst of them)...

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