Tuesday, March 07, 2006
No Means NO!
I only have one track by this band....it called: All lies

I love it! As soon as I get some money saved up I am going to by the album. Why do I bring them up....well it sort of covers my feeling today. Someone lied to me when they said that living with ms was easy. Its hard! God damb it! I am not in work today as I am in so much messed up pain. It hurts in one place in my body...I move to sit in a more confortable possition then its somewhere else...I get up walk around for a bit...then its somewhere else and to add to that I have a head ache and emotional problems! I cried at an advert on tv! I put on some death metal to get angry and that didnt get rid of it! What the f*ck is going on? This is just too much stress!

I think its the pain killers running out,I am picking up more this afternoon and they cant come any faster so I will have to put up with it for now! I have to get out the house to pick them up so.....thats going to be fun! No wonder Jen hasnt moved in yet, why would she want too? I am such a stress head...but I need a hug! See I told you!!

Grrrrr its raining now! No money, no hug, no drink, no ciggies! Today is sh*t streak...Could be a great time to give up those cigs! Very trying times! I dont know which is worse, chemical addiction, depression, pain or not being able to see a resolution of all the problems today! No Means No had a track which I think would resolve this(if I had it!) Brainless Wonder! Sort of says something by tack name alone eh! I think I must be on my period!
Small parts, isolated and destroyed!
I think I need saving before I do myself some harm....I am not that selfish tho! I can't even do that!
Hope, no wish, you all better than me today
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  • At 2:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    who ever told you it would be easy can not possibly have this damn disease...it is not easy in no such way. i hope you are getting better take care love.

  • At 2:51 am, Blogger mouse said…

    The drugs they prescribe to us MS'ers seem to have that depressing side effect. You would think that they would come up with a high to support the low. Unfortunately, drugs that make you high drop you down even lower, so the depression is double the original. Not to mention, they stop us from dreaming. We've all got to dream, eh? It's in our nature. Take care of yourself and your loved ones! We're all with you.

  • At 12:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am a newly diagnosed mser from Victoria, BC Canada. I hope your days get better. I am wondering if the No Means No you are referring to is the same band that plays in Victoria and the members are from Victoria. If it is, have you ever seen the movie Slap Shot (1970'sish, funny hockey movie?) Well, the Hanson brothers in the movie are No Means No (also have a band called the Hanson brothers that sing about hockey). The movie might give you a laugh. Thought of trying weed instead of tobacco?

  • At 8:32 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Anon....greatings! I will look up yjr movie I havent heard of that one before! They are a cool band that my older brother introduce me to! It sounds like the same one!

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