Monday, February 27, 2006
I did a full day! I did a full day!!!!

****Nine inch nails****
Its amazing what some rock and dedication will do eh! I felt like pooh at 15:00 so I started looking on the net while at work.....I asked!hehe! Maybe its my view point on life I don't know...But I always prepare for the worst. Its safe that way isn't it? Well I got looking for a wheel chair (to be honest I want one!) and I thought I would rather buy my own than have someone else get one for me! Might sound depressing but I want my ass to be comfortable when I am looking at ladies bottoms! I might be 6 foot and I have enjoyed looking down the cleavage.....Sorry but I am a man and I am not going to lie about something that every straight man does(sometimes gay men do too!)! If you show 'it' girl some weirdo is going to look! I have my hand up I HAVE LOOKED AND I AM A NOT ASHAMED!!

Well I look forward to looking at ladies bottoms....I am going to be in a wheel chair and it gives me pure chances....So sue me!(please don't!!hehe) lmao!
Well i though I might get gloves first!
But you need some driving Gloves click here!

The wheelchair I like click here!

Well you know I think I am happy for once and I think it has something to do with the comments from you all! Cheers guys! and ps Shannon is gorgeous and shouldn't be single!!!!

Jen is coming tonight too!yey! Happy days!
Hope your all good!

P.S Bobbeh get in touch as I have replaced my phone and not got your number! Emma the chess queen has left work and she has another job working from home! Lucky cow!hehe!

**Damb it! forgot to say have sent off for my blue disabled badge today first step towards the car!!! yey!
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  • At 3:36 am, Blogger amanda said…

    that wheelchair that u have ur eyes on looks just like mine except mine is this god awful purple instead of green. I would have prefered green as it is my favorite color.

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