Saturday, March 11, 2006
Broke the 8k what a goal!
I allways love to see the site counter click over by the thousands! That being the case I think I want to open a second know I have been die'ing to do one. I think I have the greatest idea that is going to help loads of people(and me at the same time!) Well this blog has helped me with day to day running of my life and coming to terms with ms.....but life goes on and I want a peice of it! People who know me would be expecting me to be doing more by now so I am going to do it! Well whats stopping me? whats stopping anyone with ms? We still have a life to live lets live it! Ok it gets worse every day but it can get better too!

I am not stopping this blog its part of my life now! Its my diary and it has helpped me a lot just to get my thoughts out and kept for everyone to see! Its a bit of a soap opera at times.....but isnt that just like life anyway? I like the tune from Foo fighters its feels like the theme tune to this!hehe!

Oh and I have been thinking of my next career move which might be linked to my next blog....that why I am not saying a word till I have really planned it well!

I have been into work today and sent home after lunch as I was in too much pain....I got a good review from my team leader so the customer service Dave is back!(sort of yey! but its my job!lol) I want to keep the same tune on here for a bit because the lyrics just rock!
Anyway! Nice to see some new faces here! Hope you are all ok!
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