Friday, March 31, 2006
Moved the first bag of cd's to the new place!Yey!
Would a mix of tysbri and this drug work? Well thats what the docs do isnt it? They mix the drugs and we take them! Tried and tested....err no...Am I the one to try it...err no! It sounds to much like a weekend when I was 17! Oh look the sence of humor is back, here comes the upside to the down week. ITS ABOUT TIME FFS! This week has been a nightmare and I am so looking forward to getting the move over and done with. I have worked hard to move all the bills(which is all done now!) and just the 2 hours out of my life have been spent on the phone to get it done! Drama!!! I am never going to do this blog again when "Will an Grace" is on ever again(honest!) makes me sound So gay!lol

Happy Dave is back! I think I have some back peddling to do with some people at work... Well maybe not! They need to know dont they? Maybe with less vigor tho! Spreading the the ms word is going to be hard! I will update more as the day goes on!
Carrying on the so gay theme!(the thing is....I own the full album(I am an 80's kid!)!)

Hope you are all ok!

Guess the lyrics:
"Like a soul without a mind,like a body without a hart, Iam missing every part"

The more I move, the more memories flash through my mind...the first time I met Jen online, the first party I had with friends(where are they now!) the first home delivery, the many great memories....they are all going to be gone! Time to make some more in a different place....this is so hard.... and its just me tonight too! I thought someone else would turn up at least to say good bye to the place! Fair well drink or something! I guess this what its going to be like from here on in! Well I will raise glass to this place! One more sleep eh!
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  • At 1:05 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    'Bag-O-CDs" ... heh, sounds like a Amazon Promotion or something!

  • At 4:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Holy sh*t Dave, you are a trooper. I think that it's great that you are telling the nobs at work about MS. A friend of mine who has a chronic illness as well told me about an analogy she read that helps people understand a bit better (you may have heard it). She tells them that you have 12 spoons for one day and that every action takes up a spoon or so (ex. shower two spoons, go to work four spoons etc), and that once you run out, that's it for the day. I think crawling home ob bleeding knees is like 100 spoons. God damn. I hope that analogy makes sense. Good luck with the move.

  • At 4:46 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    I do rember the analogy about spoons....I think someone gave me forks by mistake....well it deffinatly forking me over thats for sure!

    Cheers steph!

  • At 4:11 am, Blogger amanda said…

    oh DAve it seems as though you have a had a rough tough week..but as always you make it through with stride....Sorry that I have not been on much to even read or comment..been a rough week here too.

    Hope the move goes smoothly and can't wait for your broadband to be up and running again...hopefully by then I will be back to up and running again...

    Have a good week!!! Lots of Love from far far away ~~me~~

  • At 8:16 am, Blogger personallog! said…

    Cheers Amanda, I am sorry I didnt pop in to your blog on your 5th aniversary!

  • At 3:26 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    I am sorry you had to spend the night alone. I hope the move goes well. Please take care of yourself and hurry back! I will miss you.

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