Sunday, March 26, 2006
Last nights trauma has now passed....No blue flashes any more! With regards to the emotional side.....Something is telling me to keep my personal life with Jen off here. Its going to be here but the details are going to be kept short. I love you babe and respect any descistion that you make! The important things need to be said.

I hope you have all called your mums...I have just got off the phone with mine!(got some flowers for her too!) I know I have to get a couple of emails out today to my Internet Mum and several ladies out there with kids.

I am going to be listening to Ray Charles today as I think he gives me inspiration in my life! Blind and a musical god! Despite disabiliy....I think that is the key! You just get on with your life! I know there is a few mums out there who are god sent! My thought are with you all!

Love you mam!

Found a new ms'er with a sponsership thing going on too! Maybe I should have thought of ice skating instead of jumping out of a plane!lol

I found out about him through this site: There is other UK people with ms...who would have thought!
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  • At 2:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    save you are so special!
    thank you :)

  • At 2:50 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    I dont know about special...specail needs maybe! But you would say that your my mum*

    Hope you have a good day!

  • At 6:32 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    I am glad to hear that blue flashes have passed. I hope you are having a better day today. :)

    I agree about Ray Charles. What a very talented man, who despite disability was determined to live his life. He was wonderfully imperfect, made mistakes, learned from them, battled depression associated with his demons, his disability, moved on with his life and became an inspiration & example for many people with disabilities.

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