Friday, March 24, 2006
Is it all a question of confidence?
I had a really good sleep last night(once I got to sleep at about 3 in the morning!)...I dreamt too which was strange. Relapse does give you time to think....and your dreams are suppose to be the time when your brain is working out the days activities..Isnt that right? Well I think I have retained the knowledge that my dreams have 'given me'.....I feel better for it too. The sleep and the insight!

Anyway have some music:

I like these guys.

I have to get my confidence back, when relapse takes it. I think I am back! No I am back! I am still here and it has ground me down...GET THE ms BASTARD OFF MY BACK! I dont have time for the relapse sh*t any more! I have things I want to do! AND I WILL DO THEM!!

Got to say welcome to Jenifer(love your name, but you know why!) I wish I could do something to help you! If there is any help I can give I will!

Enjoy the music....Its great to be back! I have my new symtom but I am not going into it today! Got a drink planned for tonight and I am going to the pictures tomorrow with my own beautiful Jen(more drink there too!)!
Hope you are all well

My tunes today...
Led Zepplin:
Ramble on
Black Dog
Dazed and Confused
Stairway to heaven

Haha rock it up!
posted by personallog! @ 11:56 am  
  • At 4:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hiya Dave,

    It is nice to hear that you are feeling optimistic. I love reading your site because I don't know anyone here with MS and it is nice to read stuff from a guy who totally understands the fatigue and pain and all of the MS sh*t (although it does suck that you have to go through so much crap). Basically what I am trying to say is: DAVE ROCKS!

  • At 4:20 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    LOL cheers Steph! You rock too! thanks for making me giggle!

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