Saturday, February 25, 2006
Bird flu......Hmmm nothing more depressing than the news!
( 6FT cock...that would be me then!!!)
There is nothing more depressing than watching the news in Feb. From an British view point....We have birds with flu 'en route' via France...Guess what they don't know how to stop it getting to our shores! They have named the flu(H5N1). They don't know where it came from. They don't know how to cure it!!!! Stop me if you see anything which rings a bell! My belief in science is being strained a little. Last out break of this 'Flu' has been seen in a turkey battery farm....The turkey's are already indoors away from external migrating birds which are spreading the DISEASE! Then how did it get in doors and why am I telling you this? Well I think its very important that WE start learning and spread the knowlage. The French farmer, after checking the birds found they had diaorrea,this is manageable for turkey farmers to get rid of! Knowing the 'bird flu' was in the country he asked for help from the vet!

The vet told the farmer to replace the ground hay as it would stop the infection spreading to the other birds...and this is the corker....the farmer got the replacement hay......FROM OUTSIDE!!!! For F*** Sake! The farmer has now lost the full crop of turkey to the bird flu H5N1! Can Great Britain keep this disease out of the country? Not if we don't use our heads! I fear a plague coming and I think if we don't get all are knowlage together and use it in the right way we(ms'ers) will be one of the first groups to leave this planet. I say we, I mean everyone who has a disease already. We are already run down can we take another?

If your interested you can find out more about bird flu here!

Its strange how ms slows you down so you pay attention to the rest of the world. Maybe its a getting older I am not sure. Maybe its depression kicking in! Maybe we have to look after our planet! Maybe I need to change the music!
One man on his own can't change the world! Can he? The French farmers are definitely having a go!
Music for today click here! The Magic Numbers These help give them a couple of minute they start to grow on ya!
Need to smile!
Hope you are all ok!
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  • At 1:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oh, dave, another tack towards morbidity? chin up, mate, live each day to its fullest!!!

    if the planet chooses to rid itself of the species that would foul its own nest, then it will do so by any means necessary...including new viruses such as bird flu and AIDS...and without regard for the goodness of the individual...I reckon we can only try to stay as healthy as we can and hope for the best...

    have your hiccups been cured??

  • At 2:02 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    I think thats my point! We are fowling our nest with polution and the earth is suffering aswell! Disease like ms or aids or cancer are going to be the result! Be happy and live with it! The human race is missing the point! Morbid or not I think its wrong that so many people are missing out on life because of it! I allways love comments from you mate!

  • At 2:09 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    oh hiccups are slowley going! I have a acid burn at the back of my mouth tho! I think I might have to take a few days off the drink!

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