Wednesday, April 05, 2006
I think the move has wiped me out!
It must be stress of doing the bills as I think I only bought my music down the stairs and my family did the moving(thanks guys!!!!). Its amazing how much stress I have been under. My legs are....Just not working properly and my head hurts. I feel like such a wimp. I did do walking yesterday but I had no chance today. The thing is...I am in and only have a few things to do. The pilot light went out on the boiler this morning and have only just got it back on. A long bath for me I thinks!

Had a phone call from work (HR) and I told them that are resonsible for taxi fares, I even told them how to do it with claiming for it, they had no idea! This week off is a direct result of the crawling in the street and moving. I do mind the street crawling if I cause the issue by drinking to much!LOL

I have a house warming planned on Friday night with Lee and Em and I cant wait. Jen is coming to stay for a couple of days starting Sunday night and I have loads more unpacking to do! I have my couch coming Friday(2 piece black leather, 1:3 seater and 1:2 seater) and my flat will be complete. I don't care if I look like a snob with the flat either. I deserve a break and have spent to much time living like a scum bag, time for the high flyer to come out!

I am sorry I have left you with EMF for 2 days, I will change it asap.
****Chaka khan*****
Tell me if this works because I cant view it on dial up! Its a good tune tho!

Hope your all ok
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