Sunday, September 24, 2006

I only ever put music on here which I love and care for. I will be singing till the day I die with tears in my eyes and emotions running through my body. I know for a fact that I feel honor to promote each artist in my small space in the internet. I am not doing it on mass like TV or cinema. I am not a great source of influence with the government. I live on my own and find music IS a large part of my life. This is a diary! My diary! If it offends.....I am sorry but you have the choice not to read it! We all have freedom of speach. I love music and think it should be free to to everyone! I am sure that every artist out there would be happy with the free promotion because thats what I am doing....That being the case...Just in case....I am not going to do anymore more music on here unless it is done by people who want it here...there is always the unsigned listing.

That sucks that I can't have the freedom to report who I listen, Audiocodes,youtube, videocodezone all have the ability to PLAY tunes but they podcast side of the internet community have regulations. Kind of smells like the FCC(Federal Comunications Commision USA) have the same idea!......Maybe I am just wrong to make people feel better with ms.

They haven't approached me or anything. Its just after charles comment I have been thinking about it alot.(Watching Pump up the volume doesn't help Dave!) But the possibility that I could be charged money for the things that I have done scares me. The possibility that my family might be held resposibile for my actions scares me. so now all I have to do is deleate everything from my blog that caused any infringment of copyright from my blog just in case. Well while I do that please watch this talking about Youtube and the legal aspect:

Arrest myself!
The reason we get away with it is that you can break down the entire internet to get to charge everyone for there copyright infringement. It would cost too much just to look for people who would,are and will do in the future. Its a free space for us to record our feelings. Ours just happens to be ms related and I think making people aware of this nightmare that we live is a good thing. We are making a good thing out of the bad that is on here. The invisable disease being loud and proud to be alive.

I am not trying to start a revolution or anything. Just to tell you we all have a voice. We can still talk and type. This is the internet and its yours.......dont regulate my feelings and thoughts. You already control everything else in my life and ms is taking the rest of it! If anyone sells my blog....Not that it would happen....I just want to make sure they have the sound track! Do you think I should stop music on here? Your comments will not be regulated!

Just rember you have feedom of speach and the freedom to turn off whenever you wish!
Hope you are well
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  • At 7:18 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    Hey! I read what Charles wrote and of course it is always better to be safe than sorry, but I am not sure that you have anything to worry about. From what I can see you always list the source from where you got the music ( or and that should protect you...or I would think that it would. If anyone should be at risk it would be those companies who give the codes away for free.

    Anyway, I did some looking into this and what I found was that if you are found to have any copyright infrigement then you would be first contacted and asked to remove that content. They will also assist you in getting any license needed to keep displaying that information if you wish to keep it on your site and/or want to continue putting more on your site. If you refuse to remove the content or get the license..then they can press charges.

    Like I said though....I am not sure that this applies to you as you always list your source and it is something allowed by all blogging sites....myspace, blogger, typepad....they all allow for music codes and if this did fall under copyright infringment laws they would all be liable.

    You may want to look further into this if you are still worried. Please let us know if you find out more information.

  • At 9:43 pm, Blogger Michelle said…

    Keep the music if possible.

    For me, it's advertising. I heard the limp bizkit song, I liked it, I go to and purchase it for download.

    I don't know anything about all the legal stuff. I just hope you can keep it on your blog.

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