Thursday, October 12, 2006
Lost and found!
Lost: 1)Pair of leather black gloves(fingerless)

Found: 1)Pair of lacerated hands/fingers, non removable from male hippy with a massive....Sence of well being. Free to good home. Will require lots of maintanance to achieve god like status in any avenue but very talented and will perform tricks for beer.

Did the shop run this morning without any problems(apart from bleeding knuckles!).Been to the doc's using Claire for the first time. That was fun! And to think....I was worried about it 4 months ago. Feel the fear and do it anyway eh!

I think this is the only way to do the whole disablement thing for me. No more worry just do it! With a fist full of steel!

My mum recieved a letter from the housing place in St Annes today and they have raised my award preference to silver. It just means that my urgency is being recognised and I will get a higher priority than a bronze award. Still looking at 3-4 months. So I will get christmas in Manchester. I have arranged with Jen to have this weekend here. I won't be out of here for 3 weeks as my parents are very busy. So after this weekend I have two weeks to myself. No plans and I feel fine about it. Strange but I am fine. I am sure I can get some hardcore TV watching done....I might even pick up a book if I can get rid of the shakes...I just need to change the music! To much Rage Against the Machine I think!

Hope you are all well.
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