Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Happy daze!
Jen visit has been great fun. Its about time that I laughed out loud. I love that girl so much its sickening. I won't be able to see her until next week so I get some recovery time!hehe! I have so many things to do this week I am going to rest up and get them done by the weekend. Got a phone call from the government and they are going to send someone over to fill in some forms for me(Friday afternoon) I have a medical form to fill in so I can get a house near my family in St Annes. They have put me in the bronze award section so that means I am not a high priority yet. It will give me about three months to get everything sorted here. The prospect is quite alarming but it will be for my best interests really. To have a date on it is horrible but its about time I packed up really. I cant wait to see the next steps in my families progression. New family members will be here in the start of next year and that will be my focus from now on. Family and curry nights with a mild alcohol addiction awaits.

Jen told me about her disabled awareness forms she has at her work and I nearly died. It has a list of names that they must not say when referring to members of the public with disabilities.(like anyone would dare!) There is a couple that I feel I would like to adopt so they loose the damaging undertones. I am a strong believer in attack is the best deffence when people try to insult or cause any harm. So making fun of a word can sometimes break down the intended insult so its not going cause offence. If you can feel no insult then the attended attack is deflected and is rendered useless for future use! There is a local saying that I took note of and I have no idea what it means....It just shows how stupid it is and I feel no insult already.....Monguloid! I don't even know if thats how you spell it. Infantile and pathetic but I have heard it used.

I have had an idea to use it when someone asks me what ms means...Monguloid Sex-pest will be my answer from now on! It was great to hear Jen say it for the first time I nearly died laughing. Its now my pet name. I have renamed my myspace with it and I dont feel offended at all. There is no dictionary deffinition of this slang term I don't think anyone will be offended by something that DOESN'T exist!

Have you used it before? Do you know that if you said it and it doesnt mean anything!

Hangovers are great arn't they!hehe!
Hope you are well!
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  • At 5:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Monguloid! Heh ... it means that the person is of mixed race heritege. Like my kids. Of course, if you are going to be a stickler about it, it mostly refers to White/Black interracial procreation. If you are not, it could mean German/Irish. Either way, it's PC nonsense.

  • At 6:32 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    In english:
    1.mono,infectious mononucleosis.
    2. Gue,A sharper; a rogue.
    3. Loid,to open (a locked door) by sliding a thin piece of celluloid or plastic between the door edge and doorframe to force open a spring lock.

    Personaly I think I like it! It doesn't mean disabled at all. The american translation/interupatation is compleatly foreign to me!(being british and all.hehe)I think we have gone through the time of racism and it caused enough pain to last many gerations to come. We do need to make fun at the stupid mud slinging names as we will all make the same mistakes as our parents generations! As I said before I don't mean to cause offence if thats how its received. As a single word..monguloid means nothing at all...well a tecky told me its a resident to planet Mongo(Flash Gorden!) or another name for someone in Mongolia. Its just a word at the end of the day. Its your perception that does the damage if linked to something bad! I think being the m in ms is ok isnt it?


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