Monday, October 09, 2006
I awoke in my own bed this morning....
And I don't mean a 'dirty stop out' type way either. The past weekend I have been at my parents and sleeping in a different bed. I love going to see them and is a great benefit to my mental state state as well as my diet but I do miss my own bed when I don't have it. I think I have used this time to have a good think about a couple of things in my life and what I want to do for the next step. I am now looking forward to moving back up there.

Yes it will suck to leave Manchester and any possibility of getting closer to the woman I love. Just to be there for her in what ever she wants to do would mean so much to me. But to use a well adopted saying in my life now 'Ce la Vie'(you have to really dislike the French for that one!). There is nothing I can do about it and I have so much going on in my life to worry the things that I can't change.............Such is life eh! Just another thing!

I am looking forward to what else 'life' can throw at me. With this new view point on life I can look at other things on how to change to make my life better. To enjoy every aspect of disablement.......I know! Weird eh!

Last night after I got dropped off back here with my parents and my sister I got a visit from my neighbor and his girl friend to say that the wide screen TV will be delivered in two weeks. Oh I am getting one if you don't know already. His mum is moving house and needs the cash/space and its only costing me 40 pounds. Its too big to transport and the money will help her out. I did suggest other methods of getting instant cash like eBay etc but the guy says he would rather give it to me and I was completely blown away by the generosity. Maybe good luck is throwing me a bone here and I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth but I will have to check with him on the legal aspect to this transaction. I know he reads this now so maybe he will be prepared for it. I have helped him with his PC (software,music,hardware)and maybe this is payback eh! Karma works in strange ways! They are a fantastic couple and really great people to know. They are great friends who worry about me and make sure I am ok every day by asking if I need anything from the shops and getting my post when I am not here. I will miss them when my new house is all arranged and I have to leave.(Just another reason why I want to stay!)

But life goes on! I want to catch up with everyone and I have research to do too so I will be around soon. I have missed speaking to Jaime through msn messenger and I worry about her every second of the day if she is not in contact(love ya babe!). Time to get some routine back now my mind is in the right frame.

Hope you are all well
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  • At 10:24 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    I have missed talking to you too. I started that damned chemo so I have been resting. I am doing good though. Don't you worry! :)

    I am glad that you got some time in with your family. They are a great support! I know it will be an adjustment when you move but it will be nice to have the support and especially to have your family around.

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