Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Maybe its my turn....
Got a visitor this morning from the national statistics group. He reported that my postcode and house number has been selected at random by the national government computer of statistics...Looks like I just have ALL the luck!

So what does this mean.....Well, I have the opportunity to fill in forms thats for sure. Apparently I can get some money out of it too. And get this...They want me to keep a diary!!! Oh how do you do that eh!(5 blogs should give me some credit here!) The statistics they collect go towards government readings on national results. He comes round with a laptop and a form. He asks some questions. I give the answers and they pay me 10 pound(whoopy!). They also ask me to keep a record of my spending, what I buy for food and general goods and what I eat, drink and spend on bills etc. I told him I am available to take part and he will return later in the month. I hope I can do my part and make a difference somehow....Failing that its someone to chat too.hehe.

Well now I am going to be working for my benifits I feel more relaxed with claiming. See you don't get anything free these days! Hmmm. Maybe they are just checking up on me eh! Maybe they can't understand how I am still alive and sain(ish) but I am happy to tell them how hard it is to claim anything from the govenment and what help I need from them. I found something to relate to him within 3 minutes of talking with him. Believe it or not it was ms AGAIN! His cousin also has this disease and as soon as he found out he wanted to know how I am dealing with it and what meds I am on. You should have seen his face when I said I was on nothing at all.

What a way to start the day eh! I have work to do now....

Hope you are all well
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  • At 1:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Getting paid to blog. Well now, haven't we arrived! A professional in the ranks.

  • At 1:25 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Thats 1 way to look at it. Another ways is to say that they are paying 10 pound to know about every aspect of of my life..And maybe yet again another way is to say that that my life is cheap at 10 pound. I don't think I get more than 10 pound for this. A tip at what I was getting paid before ms hit me!


  • At 8:59 pm, Blogger Charles-A. Rovira said…

    Geez! Some guys have all the luck. :-)

    I could really hack getting paid to blog.

    But some darn fool would want to edit out my [expletive deleted] and [expletive deleted].

  • At 9:07 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Yeah I would love to be paid to blog too! But thats not whats happening here! The diary they want me to do is on my spending habbits. Not related to ms at all. And I will only get 10 pound so they know how much pizza I eat!


  • At 1:09 am, Blogger Jaime said…

    10 pounds is better than nothing. I think it is great someone wants to pay you for your help. Many times we are asked to volunteer and happily do so without any thought of money. Way to go! A great benefit that is for sure.

    Take care of yourself.

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