Monday, October 16, 2006
Sorry been away awhile...

The Cure:Lovesong

Sorry had to do it. I have spent a few days with the woman I love. It needs a love song for the theme song....And this is ours! The cure holds alot of good memories after Jen sent it to me via youtube. Ok I might get hit by the US FSS(By the way this will only get done if Charles reports me!) but I want to shout from the roof tops and I feel the Cure is the best way to do it. I have to admit I have been freaking out over the fact that Jen and myself will be breaking up in 3 months but she has calmed me down and reminded me why I love her. I am sorry baby and we will have the best time ever for how ever long we have together......We are just lucky that we know how long it will last, there are many out there who have no idea when or if they can stick together. In a perfect world we would be together for ever.....Sod that...If its a perfect world we are taking about....I would ask for a cure too(meeting at an earlier age maybe but I think you would have gone off me pretty quick when I was younger!)!!!!

Anyway I have to be thankfull THAT I AM HERE NOW!

I have to say a special thanks to my dad for sending me loads of music videos from youtube. Micheal Breaker is a god send with a blessed horn(my favorite is Madame Toulouse, I love the blues piano rift in it)! Go and listen to him. He is great.

I have to rest up now as Jen has got me out of the house and all this fresh air has made me really tired.....Whats the story with that?

Managed to get to the store to buy beer so just going to take it easy for now. I think I might do some more study later in the week.....Oh you know how to get to it eh? Check out 'my profile' in the top right of this page, that link will take you to the front page and then you can see from there!

I am going for a beer
Hope you are all well.
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