Friday, December 15, 2006
Me and my foot fetishism
Weird day today. Went to the store today just to pick up some things before I went to the doctors. Not a strange thing by any means unless you add a drunk drug dealer at 09:45AM trying to sell me a consortium of various illegal substances. He is "my best mate" and two steps away from "I love you mucka!" with his half bottle of extra strength cider and strange smell. I think his name is Steven but I maybe wrong there as it must be quite hard for him to say anything that starts with the letter "S" without slurring his words. I don't invite this attention from anyone...Do I? I think I must have a face that invites it or something as I defiantly don't ask for it. Well if life gets that bad that I need anything like weed again....I know where to go. From the smell of the stuff Sssssteve shoved under my nose he has good contacts with the wrong sort of people.

Anyway....The doctors. The doctor took one look at my foot(after I went through the waiting area in my wheelchair and knocking over three chairs and a table.) and he told me the good news that I have an ulcer on my ankle...isn't that an old mans thing? In short:
1.ulcer (ulceration)
an open sore of the skin or mucus membrane characterized by sloughing of inflamed dead tissue.

So spending time on my back watching TV. Sitting in Clair the chair and not getting enough blood through my system to wash away the dead cells has caused a sore or ulcer. I AM 30 FOR GODS SAKE!!!!!

Breathe Dave....Just the beginning of a another step(oxymoron if I ever heard it!) in the ms cycle. The doctor did the blood pressure this morning and he said nothing to worry about. 124 over 78 for all you medical boffins or people who claim to know it all.(just like me!) It was the drugs that are scaring me...Co-Amoxiclav tablets(30 of them) with paracetomol. I was scared by the writing on the box but when I got them open...They are torpedo's in disguise. I have to take 3 a day for 10 days and thats just to clear it up! The doctor said if I didn't have ms then it would just be a steriod cream but he doesn't want to damage the skin any further or make it harder in future for combining drugs. To be honest the whore of babylon would have trouble deep throating these babies. They are massive honest!(sorry for being crude but they are big!!!)

I got a DVD delivery today. Two movies which I have wanted for a long while. Beetlejuice and Big Fish. Great movies which I love already and I am going to watch again today. My collection has not been compleate without them.
Hope you all are well
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