Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Day before Jen is back.
I know I want to be working properly when Jen gets here. So today is a day of rest without any stress(I know the minute I say that it's not going be stress-less!). Today I am not going out or doing anything physical apart from having a shower. I did get a new watch through the post this morning. There was a mass of packing for this small sports watch. So much cardboard I think a tree died to make it.

Its strange how much management you need to manage your "Awake time" with ms. I find it hard to explain to someone without this disease. You do too much today then tomorrow is broken. Yeah that seems to cover. The thing is...When Jen gets here we will probley watch TV anyway. Sat down watching TV or DVDs doesnt take to much energy but if we want to have an adult conversation then today will have to be restfull.At least now I can time myself eh!

Right I am off to rest now. My right hand is a bit better and I will get back to typing again soon. I will be back on msn messenger soon so speak soon Jaime.

Stay well,
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  • At 11:49 am, Blogger Stephen said…

    i hear you. i am so tired of resting. it really does help, but it is so boring. having to think carefully if i have everything i need before i climb the stairs, so as to avoid extra round trips. fortunately my family understands and helps out. energy management.

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