Monday, July 23, 2007
How much excersice can a ms'er do?
Jen is slowly moving in. She had her own tooth brush here for quite some time. She has had a few shower things here for some time too. A hair dryer, deodorant and all the little things have drifted in above the last six months. I have felt that I have been needed and loved every time she brings something. Its kinda sweet to be needed. The last thing she brought round is an exercises bike. So how much exercises can I do? Will it effect my health any more? I know my arms are reaping the benefits from driving Clair. Maybe its the same for my legs too!

I need advice on this. Please do leave a comment if you are in the same way. What do your Doc's say when you have ms and you want to work out? I know it will be good for cardiovascular heath(Yes giving up smoking will help too!) but how much can I do before it works against me? Everytime I have asked my GP he sort of side steps the answer for long term benifits. Will I be making a huge mistake by being 'pro-active' and riding the bike or will I be racing toward a painfull existance? Yeah doing to much must be bad for fatigue but I have not read one report thats say's 'Don't do it'!

I was thinking of doing 1 hour a day listening to my MP3 player. After a week review the difference. What do you think? Let me know! Hmmm
Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

Had to be done. Sorry.
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  • At 5:00 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    From everything I have read and heard (from docs, talks, etc.) exercise is good for MS. The thing is finding what works for you and starting slow. An hour even may be too much to start with. Don't over do yourself and work up to it. If the bike doesn't work out for you, talk to someone about getting you in for an aquatic program (maybe you and Jen can swim together), or doing some form of yoga, ball exercises, who knows. Even if your doc doesn't offer much advice, maybe he can refer you to a physcial therapist who knows more.

    Good luck and let us all know how it goes....just remember to take it easy. :)

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