Friday, September 16, 2005
I think my body reacts to heat!
I was having the best day ever! The parachute fundrasing team have sent me an email saying they are posting details to me for fundraising...i.e sponsership forms ect.(No back out now!) I even walked without stick at work in the morning! Then guess what happened....the sun came out!!! It raised the temp in the office rapidly! Then back to spaz Dave! I felt so good in the morning! I felt like I wasnt ill at all! No pain no nothing! Then th shivers kicked in! I couldnt type I got stabing pain behind the knees. I feel like I have "tooth ache" all arround my mid section!

Sent home....does 3/4 of a day count? Yeah it does! I have been home for half an hour with all the windows open! 1 cold beer and tunes and I can type again! I would love it at work if they had air con! I found out that I am really good at my job too! If I was there I would be premoted up the ranks asap!
I am so glad that I am not going to Goa now! I would die out there! The heat would kill me! I am still going to get really drunk tonight! I am really pissed at this diease now! Have to do this jump just to get one back at it! ok 10,000 foot fall should be fun! I have warned everyone at work to get there hands in thier pockets!

If anyone in england want to raise money with me go to this link:
you have to raise some money for it but its free if you do!

Who would off thought it.....heat!
Any holiday ideas anyone? I am thing alaska
hope you all having a better day than me!
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  • At 1:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The heat is a KILLER. I live in Tucson, AZ - in the middle of the desert. Have been indoors for most of the summmer and now temps are finally going down, and my body knows it. Can't wait for October. I hate this disease in the heat. Stay cool with your tunes...

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