Saturday, September 24, 2005
Went to the optromitist today for a contact lense
check. Not much difference. Right eye needed and increase or decrease not sure which way with optics....the only optic I know hangs at the back of the bar(someone had to say it.)I thought I better get some glasses while I was there. I picked 2 from the shelf and had a look in the mirror provided. 1st pair I didnt like...I took them off and the lady next to me looked down to the floor. The second pair I put on and the woman next to me made a noise simlar to "hmmmm" sex noise! My inner voice said "I want them" I said " I will have two of them please, one in black!". If they make women make that noise I dont care how much they are! I will show you when I get them...I am sure you will make an opinion on here. And no she wasnt a sales person beeach! Got contacts too.... I have spoken to Emma and she has said she doesnt want to go to the jazz club as its the aniversary of breaking up with her ex and they went there on thier first date....I couldnt even tell you the date I broke up with Sinead...not really bothered either. I think we will end up at a pub or resturant somewhere. I am still listening to Jazz tho! I will let you know!

posted by personallog! @ 4:25 pm  
  • At 9:22 pm, Blogger pocketpunk said…

    the only jazz i remember was the Galleon Bar in Blackpool. Remember that Dave?? Unfortunately i was always shit-faced and had HAD to have that whisky chaser ....then vomit ...vomit and walk back home on the front with Stu..before we were was my plan all along u see :-)

  • At 10:42 am, Blogger personallog! said…

    Is the galleon still there? If it is then I have to revisit! Fancy coming and reliving the experance without the vomit?lol

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