Thursday, December 08, 2005
For Kim....Hope your ok mate!
*****Daniel Powter:Bad day*****

Kim asked for this a long time back and its taken my a while to dig it out! He appears to be pretty big over here now! Anyway hope you all enjoy it! I am so tired today but happy so don't worry about me! I got a message from Jen that has brightened my day but I am not at work again! These legs were made for walking.....then why cant I do much with them? It has taken me 10 mins to get down 7 steps between front room and bed room! Wobbley knees! I can stop laughing at them!

Roll on Christmas and the family drinking events! I only have 1 more present to get for my family! I think they will be happy with what I have got them! I have the jump this saturday and I have raised about £1000....ish! Wish me luck!

The only sad note about today is that its the 25th year to the day that John Lennon was shot! God rest ye! Which ever higher being you are with!

Hope your all ok!
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  • At 3:39 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    You know, that video was kind cute. I guess I'm into that sappy stuff. Ignore the chainsaw and flannel shirts with biker boots. Hope you can get those legs to start taking order from the brain soon, you'll need them to do a bit of dancing for New Years!

  • At 8:16 pm, Blogger x Bobbeh x said…

    John who? Never heard of him mate. Was he famous?

    If he was here today I would kick him in his balls! OH AYE!

    Another thing, if jesus comes back we'll kill him again!

  • At 9:04 pm, Blogger mouse said…

    Dave and Kim, Thanks for the video/tune. Looks alot like Vancouver, eh? Dave, don't forget to yell when you do the jump. You deserve to blow all that bad stuff right out of your body. You've earned it!

  • At 7:07 am, Blogger Kim said…

    THANKS DAVE!! You rock. :)

    Mouse - Funny enough, Daniel Powter is from Vancouver Island! I'm not sure if that video was filmed here :)

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