Wednesday, January 18, 2006
The ethical argument to stem cell therapy!
ok have look at this I can understand the whole 'I have kids' arguement to this and from reading the file they dont harm the kids! The process is a bit wierd to me but when you wiegh up the "possible" benifits it looks good to me! I havent found one down side yet....the travelling to sweden and the price might be a pain in the ass(close Dave its in the thigh you have to look at!) but there isnt anything that would make me want to take a second look.....apart from.....the process is like a bone marrow transplant(they put it back in with the stem cells!) and it is an opperation! I havent had an opperation before and I know there are a few people out there who have(Amanda's medi-port ect ect) and I know it will be painfull! Its not a cure its a therapy so will it be hard decision to make! There is allways a chance that I wont come back from that table and thats hard to get my head around! Its the same with any surgery isnt it?

Do I start the ball rolling to raise cash so 'I' can get the benifit? Michelle is waiting to hear from a director level decision on this(if the buisness will put money in or not!) so I have some time to make my own choice "If I want to" or not! I would like to use that time talking to you guys and what "you think" of this therapy! Yes I still have to wait to see my nero to see what he thinks(I need a doctors input on this!) but reading up on it wont get a personal input will it? please do tell me I am scared and value my friends input too! There has to be some light to this hell doesnt there?

Worked 1/2 day today and did the half mile walk to the tram stop to get into work! It wiped me out but its good exercise and I feel I can do it again all week!(whats left of it!) Its very important to me now! I think I need it....which is weird!

The Jen thing is getting messy! She hasnt left him yet! She still lives with him and I am worried! I love her so much it hurts every day I dont see her! I will keep you advised as usual! Man with ms trying to start a new relationship....I will get there with her one day! Sorry this is a long update! Its the Nizlopi Gig tonight too! What a way to break a young mans hart,If she goes without me! Nizlopi are our band not theirs!

wash away, wash away,
the sound of all these sad days,
the sound of the wind blowing and,
say you'll be here always and,
this is all I'm hopin' for,
but it's what I'm waiting for

Nizlopi 2005 FDM Records
****She went to the gig...without me! She went with her boyfriend....Hmm prepair for the down side dave!****
Hope you are all well

***MAN ON FIRE (Burning Souls)*****

I might want to see that! The start up music is fantastic! Just for a listen! Enjoy!
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  • At 9:13 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    I have already given my long opinionated oipinion on the stem cell transplant afew post ago. I hope that I didn't tick you off with that!

    Man on Fire oh yes that is a great movie, and even better because Denzel Washington is in it he's one of my favorite actors. Also Marc Anthony and I think he is gorgeous!!!

  • At 9:55 pm, Blogger x Bobbeh x said…

    Just read the rather funky download about stem cell and to be honest whats the problem with it, the benefits could be such stuff as "long standing symptom remission".

    I say fuck it. If I was in your positoin I'd try anything.

    You have more balls than most mate, give it go.

  • At 11:23 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    I value both oppions and I thankyou for them...I might have a few things to think of first! Like getting over something soon! Watch this space if you missed it in the repost!

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