Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Mid life crisis at 29!
Yes you read that right! Mid life crisis at 29! Disprove it! Dont worry I am over it! I had today off and was just about to start wollowing in self pity when I got a call from a beautifull young lady saying she is coming round to cheer me up!(Jen!) If anyone knows what self pity is about.....just ask a goth!hehe! Well I am happy again!

The thing is I was happy last night....I watched a movie on tv you may know it...City Slickers! It had one thing about it which made me smile the lead charecter was looking for his smile. It made me think about my own! Where "had" it gone(please note the past tense) I allways wanted to be a cowboy.(stop laughing!) It just made me think about my life and what I want to do with it! Whats stopping me doing the things that are life goals! Nothing! That being the case I am taking off tomorrow as a duvet day(day off from work when they ask no questions and it does not go down as a sick day!) and what am I doing with this day off(legs permitting!) I am going for a beer with a porn star!

No really I am going to manchester airport and meeting up with Vix for a beer or twoI am looking forward to meeting Vix as we have talked quiet a bit by email but you never know the person untill you meet them in real life! I have never met her in real life before and it will be a life goal out of the way(autograph from a porn star!)! I will try and get a photo...a clean one not porn! I want to to speak to her about her ms and what she is going to do next to shock the internet public! That is most of my goals done(well teenager ones anyway!)! Jump out of a plane this weekend, second goal, and what can I do next?

What have I got to be unhappy about? I have to thank the general for reminding me about PMA! Possitive mental attitued...thats how I met Jen and I forgot that! She did cheer me up today too! I feel like I can do anything when she is with me! She has keys to my flat now and I cant wait to see her again! It was funny seeing her reaction to the Vix drink thing! It was really great to make plans with Jen about the know...getting married,living together and getting tattoo's learning to drive together, an on-looker would be sick it was so.....right! I love you babe!xxxxxxx

I am much better than I have been for days! this PMA rocks!

Hope you are all well!
Dave with his magic back!
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