Friday, January 20, 2006
A whole community of sick people!
There is loads of us!!!! To many in my eyes! 2 million people over the planet have ms! 2 million that know they have it! I think it might be a good idea to look for you guys! Camile has been a great help to me as allways! She showed me and it looks like I might have to join you guys and not the other way arround.... so here I am if you want somewhere to start to bitch at me! I want to sign up on a few chat pages for ms! There apears to be loads! Just to chat to you guys in the states! There is a thing on tysabri one person is involed in.....I will get back to you on that!

But more Locally(Kim!Geography babe!) Its in my country....the other side but its in my country! Ealing Reports are looking for you! 200 of you guys....Welcome!

But closer to my home...IN MANCHESTER(kim!) is this!(click here!) is the the manchester conference for the ms society! I am going and hope to lend a dvd recorder so I can get some information for ya! If I record it I will remember it then! I have to thank Kim for the reminder on this(I did put it up before now I am sure!) I love ya babe! Keep the podcast coming please! I dont think I could do one as good as you two! Great job! I would just fill it with music and get arrested for breaking publication laws!

Right the diary bit: I have called in sick today again after a great start to the week. If I am honest I think the emotional trauma with Jen is getting to me. Its the waiting game I think thats really hard! I love her like I have never loved anyone before and thats the scarey part! Am I falling to quick? Is this scaring her too? I have to speak to her about it. Why isnt it easier if two people love each other and plan to life together for life? I guess thats just life and its wonderfull colors!(there looking pretty dark at the moment!) We will see eh!

Hope you are all well

Video from one of my favorite horror movies SAW! What a movie! Watched it again today!:
***The hand that bleeds****
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