Thursday, March 16, 2006
Shamless music promotions!
The Dresden dolls...New single it here!(Just click to hear it all!) Cheers Shannon. I cant wait to see them live in May at Manchester Academy 3(not 2 as described!)! It will be great to get out to see them play live....To be honest it will be great just to get out for a beer instead of drinking in doors! If I can get a t-shirt it will make my day! Jen will have a struggle if I cant get over this tired feeling that is sapping my strengh! I hope to see Bobbeh there too, he has said that he would help with hair and makeup(oooh!) but I havent seen the guy since Em and him split....if they were ever going out in ther first place!(who knows!) I just just have so many memories of Scotland with them both and I miss them loads! I hope Em will find out that I am going for the downstairs flat and she pays a visit once I am in!

I have been into work today and I am knackered! So I will try and keep this short! The long termers here will remember me mention Nizlopi before now! They have a video so you can hear them play by clicking this link! Thats one of the theme tunes for me and Jen! I listened to them for a long time before I finally got with her! I love you babe like you wont believe! Its hard for me to let someone so close after I was burnt by my ex!(hmm burning the ex eh!hehe) But I am so glad it was you who I let in.

Anyway I have to lie down so....Hope you are all well!
Amanda from Dresden dolls

Hmm more stem cell news in Canada...Kims the girl who found this! But while your there look at the uk human testing link its big news over here that may rock human testing in this country! Ms was mentioned in local news!
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  • At 5:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hiya, Glad you are finally moving out of your flat into a new one mate, if you need a hand let us know or even if you just want some proper strong boxes - get in touch will be popping up to mams on the 24th for the weekend, are you up then? ('s mothers day on the sunday) love n hugs, Sis. xx

  • At 5:38 pm, Blogger personallog! said…

    Mothers Day:covered! I still dont have your number sis since I have changed the phone! I am at mams house this weekend so I will leave a message and request boxes! Hope your both well! I could do with your hulk of a hubby to help me move the big stuff!hehe cheers!

  • At 10:48 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    Such great news about the woman in Canada. :) Just one more example of why stem cell research is so important. I put a link to this on my blog also and reminded people to sign the petition.

    How scary the reaction these people are having from that trial. I hope that they recover soon. That is the unfortunate part of all this. You just never know. My thoughts are with them and their families.

    I hope that you are feeling well. Please take care of yourself. You are a good person. Thanks for the continued support and inspiration. Get some sleep. :)

  • At 7:28 pm, Blogger Kim said…

    Dave - will you send me a link to the UK news? I'd like to post it too...

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