Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Trauma sorted...Well I still have ms so not all of it!
Yesterdays problem has gone for the time being... A slight 'giggery pokery' with my finaces and the problem gone till pay day! I am going to have to watch it in future but I will be ok. Even got beer in! Yey!
I have been busy today and have loads to update here we go!

1st: I have joined the Oxford uni to help with a global warming experiment... It uses my pc to join with thousands of others to run a back ground simulation of the earths enviomental warmth and I urge anyone who has the time to install the programe to give them the help that they need. It runs in the back ground of your normal use and is a great help! click this paragraph if you are interested. Climate change and polution of this planet maybe an issue of how ms is effecting millions of people...if you dont believe me.....disprove me!

2nd. I have been into work today and have a new chair and mouse so I can do my job without pain. Erognomics eh! I hope to get more hours in as soon as possible! I wont be able to learn to drive or move house without money!

3rd As above I plan to move house in April(about the 23rd!) and should find it easier to have a life with this hell of a disease. Its all on 1 floor and there is no stairs to get up to it. There is a shower and bath so I will have a choice! I may be off line over the time when I move but I will try to keep you updated when I am in!

4th After speaking to Jamie on line I have decided to take my opion to the goverment to investagate stem cell therapy for people with ms, diabetes, cancer...etc etc! I will try make it an online petition so I can pass it too Mr Blair here! There is an US petition all ready with 470 signatures all ready. Please do stop into Jamie's blog as she has the link to it!

5th I am finished for now but remeber the the ms week in the states needs your input!

A joke to Jen....Iam finished!hehe!

Hope you are all well

***Alanis Morrisett:Unplugged!
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  • At 10:13 pm, Blogger amanda said…

    What a way to start Alanis ROCKS!!! this is one of my fav of her songs this acoustic version is wonderful!!!

    Anyway I believe that my name is on the petition you spek of for the states. Rest assured I will check it out though. BTW thanks for inviting more to my blog it's always great!!!

    Glad that you have new chair and mouse for work!!!and that yesterday's trauma is resolved.

    Have a great night. Forever yours Amanda

  • At 11:20 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    I am glad you are having a better day. Thanks for all the support and continuing to send people my way, along with support the cause here in the states. You rock!

  • At 4:57 am, Blogger dissonanceink said…

    Dave! Guess what! The Dresden Dolls pre-released a single from their new album, Yes, Virginia. Download it at

    The only thing MySpace is good for :)

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