Saturday, June 17, 2006
Hi I am Dave....I am a geordie....Sorry bout that!
******COCHISE (Audioslave)*******
Another thankyou to the dreded one! Cheers Bobbeh! These guys are top!

I had an amazing night last night. Its getting so hard to say goodbye to Jen every time she goes home. We both know the end to our time together is coming soon....We try to skip around it and don't say much about it, but we both know. I really wish I could be a man about it and marry her. Take her away from all the crap in the world. Illness sucks the big one but I can still wish eh! She deserves so much better in her life than me! If you could take me babe.... I love her so much!

Anyway....I got a phone call from work today and gave them a background of whats happening, physio, wheel chair fitting, sick notes, ect ect! And I was wishing I could go back to it...I want to pay some bills and save for a couple of things but the shock I would get from people if I did would kill some of the older ladies. Should I try??? The money would be nice but the stress would kill me if they remove any support mechanisms like last time! The taxi's can be claimed for if they do it! I cant do it as I am not a buisness and I dont get reciepts or claim tax benifits like they can! Why do I worry about it still? Damb it!!!! Hmmmm!

I hope my mate gets me drunk tonight! Retirment is going to be a bitch isnt it!
Hope you are all well and better than me!
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