Thursday, June 15, 2006
Sorry I havent been here for a while! I am still alive!!!YEY!!!
*******SHOPPING TROLLEY (Beth Orton)************

Beth rocks!!! Loving her work and it has really helped with keeping a smile on my face!

I have had a week of relaxing and healing my body for the future stresses that this pigging disease brings. I want to say a big thankyou to my younger brother...HE KICKS ASS! He has made my last week worth living and I love him to bits! Thankyou Paul you are a star...The BFG is a cuddly,lovable bloke and I wish him well.....and er girls...HE IS SINGLE!!!!lol Just dont touch any bird I haver been with dude!

I am back to my own flat now so I will catch up with you all after I have checked my mail and begged forgiveness to all the companies about my bills! Just hope the electric isnt turned off for a while! I still have to chase up on what I can claim, 3 forms have now been sent out and I am praying that they come through so I can say I did it and survived!

Jen is coming round on friday night and the boys will be here saturday so I should be happy for a bit!

Hope you are all well
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  • At 6:40 pm, Blogger Jaime said…

    Glad to hear you are doing well! It is always nice to have some time to spend with family...I am happy you have such a solid support system in them! :)

    Coming home from a time away can sometimes be a bit overwhelming (bills, etc.) so please try and relax! Have a good rest of your week and a great time this weekend with Jen and your friends!

    Take care.


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