Monday, June 05, 2006
I woke up this lunch time feeling refreshed and worried!
Yeah I can't believe it either. Lunch time!!! I slept well and feel ok today. It must be eating correctly or something. Maybe its the 3 beers I had at the weekend....No that can't be it. Maybe its the jazz or thats not it....I have the usual pain from you know what so thats nothing new. Jen is coming tonight so I thats not it. I guess I am happy....Woah thats it. Is it that easy? You wake up and except your life and get on with it. Hmmm This doesnt happen very oftern. Clarity with PMA! Thankyou goddess.

Life is hard but if you smile its a lot easier. I have spent today listening to music and I have found a track that I think covers how to explaine ms in a nuttshell. The bands name is new to my collection but I love them. Dry Kill Logic (DKL) They are amazing. They have an eliment of Korn in them and I think I am in love with a track called "Nightmare". They are not my typical rock...well have a listen!click here.(please do miss out the first tune as its poo!) Make sure you check out there Myspace site!

Anyway todays music day for me. Just taking my time perfecting being a FREE Dave. I really cant wait to see Jen tonight....she is the reason I put on moisteriser!lol!

I wanted to put a tune on today... Nine Inch Nails:Every day is exactly the same, but I couldnt find a vid for it.

Jen quote will be used for a title tomorrow, Just wait up for it she rocks!
Be happy people!
Hope you are all well
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