Friday, June 16, 2006
I have had this tune running through my mind...
and I have just found it with the help of Pandora (try .com!). As soon as I heard it again I had to find more....check this myspace out!

Vox Vermillion:the physco song. Just rocks I love it!

I have just had a call from dept recovery from my bank 2nd call this month. I reminded them that they have to send the forms for my payment protection.....again!
Dept eh!

****Just thought I would do an update see'ing as I am drunk now Jen is here! She spoke to Jamie on msn earlier and I know there is going to be trouble because of it! (calm down baby have a bit of cheese!lol) I love you both but calm down and dont talk to each other to much eh!

Hope you are all well!
posted by personallog! @ 9:51 am  
  • At 6:19 am, Blogger Jaime said…

    okay...I am confused now! How would my talking to Jen earlier be trouble? She had nothing but wonderful supportive things to say. She seems to be trying really hard to better understand what you go through and learn all she can about ms. :) I hope that you are having a great weekend (both with Jen and the boys!) Take care of yourself and try not to get too drunk, lol!


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