Friday, September 29, 2006
Dave what bit of the brain controls the puke reflex..Brain part 2.

Medulla Oblongata(myelencephalon): (it just rolls of the toungue!)
Crossing of motor tracts.

Cardiac Center.
Respiratory Center.
Vasomotor (nerves having muscular control of the blood vessel walls) Center

Centers for cough, gag, swallow, and vomit.Yey for the vomit!)

Cranial Nerves:
CN IX - Glossopharyneal (Muscles and mucous membranes of pharynx, the constricted openings from the mouth and the oral pharynx and the posterior third of tongue.), [mixed].
CN X - Vagus (Pharynx, larynx, heart, lungs, stomach), [mixed].
CN XI - Accessory (Rotation of the head and shoulder), [motor].
CN XII - Hypoglossal (Intrinsic muscles of the tongue), [motor].
Associated Signs and Symptoms:
Movement: Ipsilateral (same side) plegia (paralysis).
Size: Dilated.
Reactivity: Fixed.
LOC: Comatose.
Abnormal breathing patterns.
CN Palsies (Inability to control movement):
Absent Cough.

So you can see with the last two updates that include studies on the brain you can see area's where ms has effected you. Medulla Oblongatais my favorite part of the brain. Just saying the name of it and knowing what gives me the hiccups for four days makes me smile! There is loads of brain to cover but the past two days worth of updates cover the side effects that we will see before any other...Like loss of memory your sight, your hearing, your smell. I haven't even touched on the upper hemisphere of the brain but I am going to read about it because its very interesting! I keep on thinking....the numbness in my feet are being effected in the brain and if my brain is that powerfull to effect my feet...Ms is going to get a kicking when I work how to do it!

I didn't get any sleep last night and I am so tired. I am loosing tack of what day it is and that's worring. But thankfully my typing is getting better!hehe!
The next mission is to investage how to re-mylinate my nerves without nanotecnology.(really small, microscopic, robots that haven't been invented yet!) I am not planning on leaving the house this weekend. I don't think this is a relapse or anything...there is no new symptoms with ms. I might have been working hard to understand all the medical stuff I have on here and making it easy and relevent to the ms situation. Hope you have found it helpful and makes some light on your own symtoms...And possibly on your last MRI results. What you have to remeber is that all your nerves in your body are going to be effected by ms and the brain is the control computer....We just have a virus and we can't re-boot to restart it!

Now I have to try and get some sleep!
Hope you all are well!
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  • At 6:54 am, Blogger Michelle said…

    Hiccups! That made me laugh also. I thought it was all a "gut' thing

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