Wednesday, November 08, 2006
10,500 people with ms in Scotland!
The highest concentrated ms hit in the world and they are finally investigating why! If ever I was going to investagate ms I would start here. Not because I love the area or that I would love to go back there but it should be easier to get some similarities between the effected people. It will be easier to spot the base level and I am thankful to read that they are doing just that. Have a read of this about Lesley-Anne(Beautiful woman!hehe)Click this paragraph for details!The Cure: The blood

I think the first thing they should look at is the fact that we are all dam good looking.....Well its a place to start eh! I might be the exception to the rule of course as I am a pig but every time I look about pictures of the women...

I just can't flirt over the Internet can I!

Right the diary bit: I still haven't got the new 24 and I am very temped to go out to the post office and shout at them. I am all up to date with my bills. I need a shave and I am tempted.....Again, to get my hair cut. I have worked out why men over 30 don't have long hair. I got a gray hair that fell over my field of vision and had to check my head for any others in the bathroom mirror. I am growing grey massively. Next step bald!!! Oh the joys of life! You know........I not going to worry about it and just enjoy it. Its part of life. I might be going grey and bald but its a sign that I am getting older in the face of everything that is against me and still smiling.

I am still trying to work out why I can grow my hair and not grow more myelin around my nerves. Is it just one more step? Work it out for myself?

I have a new pain in my left ankle. I don't have new boots or anything but it feels like something has been rubbing it and its got worse over the last two days. I am keeping an eye on it here. Maybe its a problem with not being on my feet much like a bed sore or something. The downside to riding Claire maybe!

Hope you are all well.
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  • At 3:28 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    10.5K in Scottland!? Wow, it sounds like the Minnesota community.

  • At 3:38 am, Blogger Jaime said…

    How big id Scotland anyway? I have never been and of course on a map it does not look big, but that doesn't really count. I guess I am just curious because I have heard Scotland has the highest concentration of MS in the world, but Washington State (where I live) has more cases of MS. I suppose maybe Washington State is larger or has a higher population. I am not sure. Whatever the case may be...I think it is great that someone is looking into it. The more information the better, I say!

    I hope you are having a good day and that your ankle gets to feeling better soon.

    Take care,

  • At 9:17 am, Blogger personallog! said…

    Oh dear! Did I upset the USA camp? Sorry but largest concetration in the smallest place.....IN THE WORLD GOES TO SCOTLAND! Gawd it always has to be bigger a better over there doesn't it...If it makes any difference you can come over here and cure some guys....If you want!


  • At 2:15 pm, Blogger mdmhvonpa said…

    LOL ... certainly no offense, it explains why so many ppl think that the Scottish are hard-core drinkers. Nope, they are wobbly just because of the MS!

  • At 12:25 am, Blogger Jaime said…

    I am with the general on that one! LOL I was not trying to offend. I have never been over there....figured it had something to do with per capita. Anyway, it is NOT a competition as I don't wish this upon anyone. I had just heard that stat before and so I was curious.

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