Sunday, November 05, 2006
News report just in!
Sadam Hussain has been found guilty of crimes against humanity and will be hung. The trial finished today in Iraq by his own people in his own country. How should I feel about this....? I can't help but smile. There is no excuse for the use of chemical weapons like he ordered. 1 step closer to peace? No I don't think so. The question of martyrdom rumbles on.

I have been trying to think of music that I can put up on this update and I am stumped. I have looked about my friends different blogs and seen many different tastes...I know I want to put something of my own choice. To explains how I feel but I am still drawn back to my friends like a moth to a flame. The David Bowie track, I am afraid of Americans, isn't quite right and I don't want to upset the apple cart.
Maybe: Elliott Smith:Ballad of nothing
Has enough melancholy. Christain brothers is also being played quite a lot. No lets try this I think its a case of this:

I don't understand and it I laugh because its insane that my opinion should matter.
Sorry but an eye for an eye doesn't make it right in my eyes he would have to die a 1000 deaths for what he did. He is a bastard and I hate what he did to my bare sole but hanging I don't understand. No one person should have the power he did and cause that much pain to so many. I just don't know! I don't understand and something tells me that his evil shouldn't get recognition. What a strange world this is. Is it a victory or a step against the shroud of darkness and fear? What do I know eh!

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  • At 6:14 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Typically I don't agree with the death penalty...I would prefer someone rot in jail, but I too have mixed feelings about this. I am not sure that sitting in a jail cell would do any good with him. I just don't know.

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