Monday, November 06, 2006
Immersed in fiction, the mercy salvation.
Escaping reality into a great book, wheather writing or reading, is the best escapism I have found so far in my two years of having this disease. Yes having music playing in the background is a great help and a must. Any escape is a great help in living with ms. I think I have found my outlet and where I want to go with a career in the future. I get great rush of pleasure just writing and reading other peoples work. There is photography...And I want to do more of that but it is a very specialist field if you want to have a life with it and earn some real money doing it. Just take a look at Amanda Norman's work:

A fantstic artist with great potential. She setup a website and sells her pictures from birthday cards and greating cards and she has my admiration. I even have this picture on my desktop at the moment.(I have asked permission for the use of the picture and to advertise her website before you ask!) So it is possible to change your career and do something you enjoy. Isnt that what life is about? Not feeling pain every second of the day and making that your life. Amanda's very dark and very gothic looking grave yard shots are fantastic and can be found here:
And her friends art work I find very alluring LamiaFemina

I love this peice:

So maybe the arts is were I want to go....No its where I belong. I even watched a special on TV last night about Mozart and found his ballads, especialy Amadaus, very appealing. Yes it makes a change from rock but I listened to it and I still love rock. I might not have the breading to be associated with the upper class but I felt I made it my own because I liked it. A day of mixed art and a different veiw point for my future. I now know I have to give up work for the bank and can ease into retirement doing what 'I want'. It will be a strugle but you name one thing in life that isn't. I have a book in the process of being compleated and I am getting so much from the experience of using my mind in a different way. I dont think its a best seller by any means. But thats why I am doing it....For me. Who knows eh!

Hope you are all well
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  • At 2:43 am, Blogger Charles-A. Rovira said…

    Dave, I feel your yearning. Its won't necessarily help but try going into game software development.

    It might give you the outlet you crave and it is not physically demanding. You could indulge your passions.

  • At 10:35 am, Blogger Jaime said…

    Photography can be such a beautiful artform. If it is something you enjoy, I say go for it! Beautiful pictures today. I especially love the one in the temple. :)

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