Thursday, September 27, 2007
I must be on my period.
Emotional roller coaster that is today. No pain that's out of the usual. Just an emotional leper. Music can make me cry with memories. Art can shed a few also. Give me a pair of breasts and call me Mary. My guitar is broken. I need a new one and Christmas can't wait.

If that's not enough......24 season 6 is out Monday in the UK. What should I buy first? I can only afford one at the moment. 24 is one day viewing but a guitar is for life. Either way....... I am going to annoy Jen.

I did planned on writing a piece on DVDs and how the second films are terrible but I think I want to curl up and watch TV and eat chocolate. I must be on my period.

Stay well,
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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Jen's better and back at work!
Me....still sick as a dog. It appears if you don't have ms, its a 24 hour thing. If you do....Then your knackered. Its OK I am not that bad really. I am here and smiling. Spending time with Jen is always a good thing for my mental state. I know a day on my own listening to some good rock will shake it.....
Hundred Reasons - I'll Find You Video

I am feeling better already.(Who am I kidding?)

My mother and father are back in the country and back in St Annes. This has fueled the want to get back there as soon as possible. To hear my mam's voice has woken me up a bit. I am glad they had a relaxing time. They needed it and I am sure my dad will update his blog soon.

Need more rock
Hundred Reasons - Falter


I want to have a word about sequels to great movies and how bad they can be. I will save that for tomorrow. But I will give you a 'heads up' now as it WILL be painful. How can great movies be followed up with a crap sequel? Saw for 1 Butterfly effect for 2 and a the hight of upset for me is my latest purchase of 28 weeks later the sequel to the greatest zombie movie in my collection of zombie movies.

Stay well,
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
I am well(ish) but Jen takes a hit...
Jen is wrapped in a duvet lying on the couch. The common cold runs amok in this household. No fun at all and I wish I could help. Sympathy is just bouncing off her. I did the only thing that I could and called into her work for her. I am used to calling for myself and found calling for her easier than I did for myself when I worked. I hope she is going to be OK. The illness gets pretty bad in the 5th hour but she should be good by tomorrow morning. Just hugs when she wants them is all I can do. It feels difficult for me to say I am well when I still have the obvious disabling side to ms. I am better than I was, seems to cover. I just wish she was better.

The thing is....She is still beautiful and I feel lucky to be with her. I hope she gets better soon. I am going to busy for a while so we will speak soon.

Stay well,
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Friday, September 21, 2007
I have the plague...
Snotty doom in abundance. I haven't had a cold in ages. Its flu like and gross. I need more rest. Sweat and snot is me. This is horrible. I even have sensitive skin around my nostrils from blowing my nose too much. OOOHHHHHHH

Music to describe how bad I feel.....Think of something bad and add here:

Stay well,
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Thursday, September 20, 2007
Acoustic lovleyness

I have to get back to music and I hope this helps 'you' too. That being the case....Have a bit of this:
Afro Celt Sound System feat. Sinead O'Connor - Release

Music always makes me feel better and Afro Celt reminds me of my mam and dad and a good curry night. I can't wait to see them. I miss them very much. They return to this country on friday. I know I will feel better then. For now....Music and slight insults from my sister in law. I will get a real homosexual to meet my sister in law soon. Then she will learn about bitcheness!lol.

Stay well,
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007
My favorite advert...

I have been watching a lot of TV recently. Above is my favorite advert and my favorite chocolate. Nothing much to report. Haven't seen M for about two weeks and the peace and quiet is beautiful. Spending time with Jen is great I love her so much.

I will be back soon when I have more to report.
Stay well,
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Saturday, September 15, 2007
Busy day compleated by 09:15 AM
Paranoid Android - Radiohead

I love Jen. I love living with her too. My day starts a bit earlier but I love living with her. My day starts 8 hours earlier than usual but I still love her and living with her. I have a new respect for the morning. I don't like it but I respect it. I do miss working and I think that's where the respect Lie's. I went out this morning and shopped as the stores opened and I had a great time. No cues. Open floors without people getting in my way, it was fantastic. Fun even. Of course I shop like a man and it went fast.

A 'man shop' is.....We think about what we want and where to get it. We have already planned the route in our heads before we go. We spend no time window shopping we just know where to go and what to get. We enter the shops in order and go directly to the individual items without looking at things we don't need. We make our purchase and leave. That's a man shop...Well OK that's how I do it. That being the case I finished my shopping within 15 minutes. I am not flying the flag for men in a dispute or anythying. The whole men verses woman dispute is pointless in my eyes....Women always win that. I am just saying I finished my days hunting early and came home. I just wish everything I plan was that easy....That is just not how life works though eh!

Happy Saturday. Stay well,
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Friday, September 14, 2007
I know I am getting a bit lax with the updates but...
The past week has been traumatic. I am happy, I am sad, I excited, I am in love, I am in relapse, I am happy, I am sad, I am vibrating, I cant walk, I am disabled, I am in pain....I am.....I am... Yeah I am.

The Fray - How To Save A Life

Then I watched this and felt better. I love Tomas Newman.

I can't wait for Jen to get home.

Stay well,
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
A bad weekend turned good.
We found out how to turn the bell off! Well Jen did anyway. It turned out that we had a really great weekend. No bell ringing and, after a day of worry on my side, we sat down and talked. Jen the saviour. I love her so much. I can't wait to get her away from Manchester so we can spend some real time together. I would do anything to make her as happy as she makes me. I have recievd the first paper work that will help us find a house in St Annes and I hope we will find one soon.

We also went to see my nero on monday. Very short visit without seeing my nero at all...I must have been looking ok....Yeah right. The nero team has a new leader and it was more like an interview really. She confirmed some details and wished me well. Hour waiting time but the 'hello' went down well. We advised on the move and she told me that the nearest nero would be in Preston.

So in short....The weekend started bad but finished good in Jens arms.

Stay well,
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Saturday, September 08, 2007
She is now invading Jen and me time.
Last night was horrific. Not only is M ringing the door bell during our time together she is leaving notes for me too. Its scary and enforces my need to get away from Manchester. 1st thing this morning we checked out legal advice. I need a restraining order against her. She is scaring me. The really bad thing....Its effecting my health. I am wobbly and its extremely painful to fall over. What must Jen think of me? Next time I swear the police will be involved. I just want to get out of here.

One day,
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Thursday, September 06, 2007
God rest him and dam cancer.
Brings many a tear. I will miss him greatly!

Stay well,
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Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Home sweet home
No sarcasm with the title. It really is sweet. To 'hug up' and watch TV at the end end of everyday is absolute bliss. Happy happy joy joy!

My routine has changed, I spend money with purpose and we are sick with smiles. My flat, sorry our flat, is clean and no longer smells like a single man lives here alone. Sleeping routine has now changed and monitoring fatigue will need closer attention but I think the change is working.

I have a new ailment on the ms side. Headaches. It feels like a cold metal spike is being rammed through my head, left hand side pushed down from the top of my head towards the ground. Owww.... but easily dealt with pain killers. I don't know about you but I am the type of person who reacts when its really bad and I don't pre-empt pain. I won't take pain killers every four hours in the hope that it stops pain. I hope that makes sence to some. It's better for your liver that way anyway. When your a drinker like myself you have to look after your liver.

Talking of ms things...The greatest research of the past ten years has been published. All in the wake of my life development I have still been looking. IZ7-R is a protein whose role is to guide the actions of one type of immune cells (T-cells). The MS-related version of the protein may contribute to MS by guiding those immune cells to attack the nervous system. I am not going massivly into it but ms is not something we pass on to our kids but it is something that my genes have been effected by. I will let you do your own research on this. Go can surf the net. If your interested take a look, its very interesting.

I just have to leave you with one thought:
If you spend all of your life working out why we have life, then arn't you missing out on life itself?

I am going back to enjoying life. Stay well,
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