Thursday, November 22, 2007
Happy Dave....
3 days to go.

Jen will be so proud.Hehe. We have a couple of things left to do. I have some rushing around to do today but we should be in on Saturday morning. Fingers crossed eh. Retirement here I come. Shouldn't be to much different from what I am doing now. I will be back up and running early into December. If your lucky you will get another update tomorow.

Stay well,
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Tuesday, November 20, 2007
5 days to go!
I can't wait. Every bit of music I hear sounds like a celebration. Jen goes to work and the classical music comes out to play. There is a new section on Pandora where you can listen to classical and I think it will be on all day. I am so happy it's great. I just need to relax and not get over excited. I want our first week, at least, to be really good in our new home. Jen makes me happy and I hope this move will make her happy too. She is amazing and I love her so much.

Stay well,
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Monday, November 19, 2007
I love Manchester....
Honest... I have had some great times here. I will miss it. Yes I have had some ruff times here but like everything else you have to except the ruff with the smooth.

The music here has enlightened me. I will miss it when we go. Take a listen to this or I will moan:

Trentemøller - Moan (live)

Manchester gave me Jen and she is the light in my life.

I am getting good at this bill administration. I have sorted out all the bills for the new place..... All we need is to move. Yes I have to reapply for for a large group of my benefits but we can do that when we get there. I have a strange feeling that there is something missing.... Something is not quite right. Just a feeling something is wrong. My memory is terrible.

Stay well,
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Thursday, November 15, 2007
Strange day.....It's going to get stranger..
Had the pleasure of a next door neighbor today, no not Maria thankfully, we chatted for some time about the future and the move to St Annes. I am sorry for leaving her behind. A great neighbor to have. In fact the only neighbor who has sworn at Maria and it was the "F" word too. I wish her well for the future I really do!

Anyway news report for today:

Been to shops to buy drink.
Got home put on music.
Canceled rent on current flat.
Placed drink in fridge.
Tonight we drink and be merry.

That's it for me today. I think I have to do more..... Oh yeah, start packing! This time next week will be manic. I can't decide what music to listen to....Go old school me thinks.
pixies - where is my mind

Wish me luck.

Stay well,
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Grumpy old Dave.
I am so sick of telephone sales people. I have set up my telephone for the new address in St Annes....The telephone company asked if I would like our name in the telephone directory with the number listing. I said "no way" as we have had quite a few callers trying to sell us crap at this address. The annoying thing is they tried to sell me a credit card during the call. I said "No thanks" and completed the call. The good news is my Internet connection should be set up a week after we move in.

After I finished the call I rang the cable company I use and closed my account.... They tried to sell me a new cable agreement.... I told them "No" and hung up. As if by magic the phone rang. I picked up and I had a call centre perp offer me a credit card. Again I told them "NO" and hung up.

You think that would be it wouldn't you...... I have had three further calls trying to sell absolute crap and one call for a survey on insurance policies. I also got a call 5 minutes ago and it went a bit like this:

"Hallo, can I speak to Mr Warryiorrrr" The Indian lady said Getting my name completely wrong.
" No.... He is dead. He died this morning. Please stop ringing its realy upsetting"
"Oh I am so sorry..."

I hung up here in case she tried to sell me something. I haven't had any others...Yet!

I just hope our telephone company doesn't give our new number out. I have never been a grumpy old man before. I think this has been brought about by yesterdays estate agent visit. The people he showed around were younger than half my age. In fact.... If you added the age of the new kid's together, they would still be younger than me. They looked about 12 years old. In fact I think their mother came with them.

I have to calm down before Jen gets home. Jen is six years younger than me(yes I rock!) and I don't want her to get the wrong idea when I have my speech about kids "nowadays".

I am a grumpy old man. When did that start?

Stay well,
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Ok maybe 2 months is an over statment....
I could not live without the Internet for two months... It will not take that long. Don't put me in the dog house....

Maybe you should if Seasick Steve is there! Amazing!!!!

I really can't wait to have a couple of nights with my dad's music collection. Guitar at the ready and beer in hand. Just add curry and Beer and watch the music flow.

I now have the full address for the new place and the phone line will be setup for when we move. That does mean the Internet won't be to long after that......Let us get settled 1st eh! I was thinking a short holiday if you don't mind.Hehe.

Enjoy Seasick Steve.
Stay well,
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Monday, November 12, 2007
Two weeks left in Manchester.
Jen seems to be coping with the stresses of moving house with the greatest of ease. I am very thankful for it as privately I think I am the one with a stress issue. We get one problem, I worry and act as I have a problem and Jen sorts it with a smile and a well thought solution. The same goes in reverse but less frequently. We make a great team and I love her very much.

I have the housing agency coming round this afternoon to show our flat to new perspective tenants. She escapes the horror by going to work and I am jealous. As if it's not bad enough not being able to get up and let them in we still haven't packed. The flat is clean and tidy but I am slightly embarrassed at the fact we haven't anything packed at all. Its still our house after all! It doesn't look like we are leaving and won't give good impression. Well.... Would you move into a house with people you don't know already living there? See.... I stress and Jen would be able to deal with this if she was here. The bit's I do well at are the small things. I will have a fresh pot of coffee on this afternoon so the flat smells like a coffee shop when people come to view. It makes people feel welcome and they can see themselves living here. Yes I am doing the estate agents job but I think it will smell nicer than a smokey den than I usually live in.

Do you have to give good impression to people who you will never meet again? It's common courtesy after all.... How very English of me!

When we move we won't have Internet access for over 2 months so my updates will stop for some time. I can't wait to unpack in St Annes. It will be a true retirement for me. Peace and quiet. Fresh air, love and happiness.... I won't know what to do with myself. Still got a few things to do here before I go and I can't wait. I will be updating before we go but as you may understand we are going to be busy so they will be few and far between..... I'll be back.

Stay well,
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
Today has been so hard.
I am now left handed.(joy!!!) I am normally right handed and its quite confusing! Strange thing is..... My left leg is dead and drags on the floor.

My life in a zombie movie eh!

I have been out today, to the bank and to the shops. That may be the reason for being tired and the rubber limbs. My ex job used to be in a call centre for a bank. The same bank that is holding my pension. The same bank that holds my money and my credit card. So many forms to fill in to get excess to said money. I have a feeling its going to get harder from here on in. Lets see eh. 2 weeks till we move.

Stay well,
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Monday, November 05, 2007
Anxiety, Anxiety, Anxiety.
An old trouble on sleep, showed its ugly face last night. Worry/anxiety about money. I still haven't received redundancy payment yet. It's money that we need to get up to St. Annes. The mission of contacting an old job is going to cause some trauma. I have been thinking of going back to work if the payment doesn't come soon ............. Trauma upon trauma. I think its just the waiting game. I hate waiting for things I have no control over(I know, I know!). It's the sneaky thing's, the hidden charges, the repeat of monetary difficulty. I don't need it. Not now. Not ever...... Do any of us?

The 'thing' is, I know I am worried for no reason. Just the wait which is worrying. If it is effecting my sleep its a big thing. I just want to retire in peace. I just want to be beside the sea side....Always a smile in the face of adversity. Dam me!

Stay well,
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Friday, November 02, 2007
Into the third year we go....
Yesterday saw the anniversary of my diagnosis. If I hadn't been then I wouldn't have met Jen. I wouldn't have met all of you guy's.... Life and the running the daily event's eh. (Way to look at the bright side Dave!) I don't think I would have jumped out of a plane if it wasn't for Kim. I don't think I would be the man I am today without ms.....How weird eh. So many good things have happened but I still have ms. Jen was great yesterday. We had such a great day. She makes me feel like a million dollars. I am going to spend the rest of my life trying to keep her happy.

First things first. The move! I hope it goes easy. I may be away for some time.

Stay well,
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