Wednesday, September 21, 2005
ok ok pp lay off beeach!
Ok I have been proded to update! so here it is! I am so happy its sickening! I have been really bad with my legs and this fecking shiver its doing my head in! I have been on line talking to Jen and I am falling for her! God Damb it! I am in a state of emotional emergency! Just talking on msn isnt enough!

Right you know I have the music thing! I can stop listening to a tune Jen sent me!


If you have herd it you know where my head is! Its beautiful to be in a state of emergency! God and she knows it! She said this song is one she is feeling for me! God why is it so hard to be here! Because she has a life of her own! A boyfriend of her own! And the whole Sinead thing comes back! would I put her through the ms mangle with me! If she'd have me yeah I would! This is the hardest thing I have ever gone through! I know it going to get harder till I see her again!

Boys arnt supposed to show this many feelings righ well....tough! Any woman who can get me to like bjork diserves a medal! I think Bjork is great now! i think Jen is better tho!

Ms things happening has been pushed to the back of my mind! I cant walk properly so havent left house for last two days! But I am still happy!

Will that do you Pocket punk? Try ringing once and a while! Beeach!Lol

Sickenly happy Dave wishes you all happy days!

P.s today has been national Alzhemers day in the uk! i hope you have all put yor hands in your pockets for that! Good wishes to all the careers and suffers! See I do think of others too! oh and a fuse blew in my house and yet again I have no celing lights grrr in the dark!!
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