Saturday, February 26, 2005
It just doesnt give up does it?
I think I had better type this while it is still fresh in my mind (and not in my pants) I have just discvered ms's flight! Just when yu get confortable with on element of it.....and you think for one second...I think I am coping very well. It throws another curve ball at you! Just 6 hours into my first working saturday, They had arranged 3 hours on phone between lunch break and afternoon break IT happened!

Ms bowel control, did not know about this one chaps! You could have warned me! Not only did I have the emabrisment of being 29 year old man with full pants but I had to report to my senior! As it is a saturday my senior was a different one!

Wait for it was a girl!!!
I know the whole dont be sexest Dave, thing! But incase there are newbie out there reading this.... do your exercises and keep you inards clean...give yourself plenty of time and dont work for 3 hours with out a break!!!!!!!!! Give yourself time!

I am showered clean and feeling a bit......crap!


Take care
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Friday, February 25, 2005
My 1st saturday at work....customer service sucks!
going to be working this saturday and I am not looking forward to it! News from this week:

1. Somone offer their chair to me on the bus..I declined holding my stick...bus turned one corner and I ended on my arse! pleeded for chair after enbarisment and said " I guess I am too proud!"(Iam a fool I know)
2.Work have asked me to make a claim on mobility and get a new chair for free, got the claim form through the post and the title is for disabled person. Swallow pride moment.
3. Growing hatered for customer service after dealing with members of the general public again! Complaints recieved include getting refund for 2P (1 cent) even tho the telephone number will have cost over a pound just to get through to me! The Whole quality of life question comes into the ball park!!!
4. Applied for 2 other possitions in same company 1 intranet team 2 Development of new starters coming into the businessthrough setting new web pages!(fingers crossed!
5. Contemplation of life and everything and how to get out of this crap.

Oh well just a relapse!

Take care
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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
found another good point!
In the uk if you have ms you can get perscriptions much does viagra get on the black market?

Maybe I should stock pile and earn a fortune, Wait up maybe not!
I think I will just keep my nose clean and get on to the canibis!

If you hadnt guessed I am having a good day and I feel ok! the stick is helping with balance and exhustion!(but not spelling or politeness)

sorry for being crass but we must look to the bright side!

hope your all ok, I seem to be! (Ahh go on laugh!)

Take care
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
man....I got a stick!
physio came round with a lovley stick for me! Its the right size, its wooden and it helps me stand straight!

Now I look drunk with an ofensive weapon!

I look forward to the different type of stares! Maybe I can beat that 90 year old guy!

All ways look to the possitive!

Full time hours this week!

But still have a beutifull woman with me!
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Saturday, February 19, 2005
Saturday morning blues
wok up this morning on my own after a beer or two last night. It seems I snore if I go to bed before my partner I go to sleep fast when she isnt there,she snores to but I can sleep through it if she goes first, I think the 1 or 2 beers had done its job. Woke up found g/f asleep on the couch. Madew breckfast and went to the shop with my stick! It does help for the fist 5 mins or so but if it is cold, as it is this morning, It seems I loose a grip on the stick!

If its not one thing its another!

Lost feeling so bad my fingers took 30 mins to turn back to normal color! Yes colour had white fingers and when they get warmer they turn RED RED RED! Its now an hour after I returned from the journey and my feet are still cold. I wouldn't mind but the shop is about 200 meters away from the house! (might be a bit more but you wont find me crawling with a tape measure)
Suppose to be going out tonight.......let you know if I go as cant be fraged right now!

Bad day....why can this happen on a week day and not in the middle of my rest day! Will also try and do exercise today as well!

Take care
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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Physio from hell....
She bought a stick to help me walk she ran me through a exercise half hour, which was very hard even though not very arobic, she came with a smile but she came with reminder of DOOM!

I thought I was covering up pretty know the story:

"Dave are you coming to the shop to buy some food"
"No thanks I give it a rest for now!" then stays in doing nothing but prondering death! Situation covered!

But she saw through them and just told me to "try"! I am sure she had a tatoo of 666 on her forhead!

I joke about tatoo, it was just hard work

The exersises were small but very hard to do, even if it was the ones lying on my back and tensing the tummy while pushing my ass to the ground. I am sure its just some form of yoga!

I Idea is to strenghen the trunk of the body and improve my ability to stand tall and proud! I am very proud of other people but I have never thought I need to be proud of me! I am being sent the exercises in the post but I dont think I will forget them too quickley, still feeling the burn!

Dont let me put off the newbies out there, It is good for you! If it helps me feel better I will let you know.

The good thing is I have a stick.............hmm I will tell you how I feel about it at another time at the moment just trying to learn to drive it without hurting anyone! If it gives me some independance I will be happy!

Hope you feeling well!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Some diary this is....
sorry again I seem to be missing some days yet again....It does mean I have some things to do tho so dont worry about me.
I have been doing my job!
Next week I am full timke again.....oh jolly! 9 till 5 I hear Dolly singing!

Thats next week anyway! I have an opointment with a real physio tomorrow! Last ones were a benifit to explane what I can claim of the government...etc,etc.

This next one is a real person with some walking sticks and hopefully exercise stuff!....Ok I dont know what she does but she did say she will be measuring me(ohh,er!) for a stick!

Cant say this is good news or bad but I do need support with walking! I am sure Sinead will get pissed off with me the worse I get.......Me bad... No!

I have the day off work for tomorrow so I will update If I get any good tips.

Right the important stuff....My girl friend and I have joined a local commitee We are sitting on the board! (think its called somthing else but sounds good) We are helping local community raise money for local hospital for children with cancer. this is all commendable but I have never raised money with out help. We went to a meeting on valentines day night and are sending use more information to help local kids with a street parade.......I can hear my parents gasp in shock just by typing this! I think the expression is "Thats not My bag baby"

Maybe Its just a fase or somting I dont know but it was funny having a drink in a social club!
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Sunday, February 13, 2005
and the downside starts again!
hello all sorry for not doing an update for a week but I will give you a run down...
monday - in work tired and pissed of at getting tired and walking like a drunk
tuesdsay- in work and getting pissed off at legs hurting while sat down
Wednesday took day off after next door neighbors split up and took till half 2 in the moring to find they are both cheeting on each other- man sent packing. there child up till 5:30am crying asking for daddy. Woke up this morning compleatly knackered phoned in sick.
thursday -in work no problems apart from legs hurting getting pissed off.....bla bla BLA!
friday- went into work requested to be sent home as legs hurting. Got home shouted at g/f.(I know its not her fault but I was very angry)

dont want to tell about weekend but I did have a friend set up a blog from new jersey...
her blog is here.

she is a star please have a look and leave her some encouragment. She has sent mails to me in the past and she is very funny. Wicked sence of humor.

thats for today!
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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Oxygen tent?!?!?!
I had some say tome this week have you tried this as it gets you body to create more mylin. Will look into it and update later. Please post coments so I can see what you have done.
I have been in work today and got a reply from a mate at work that shocked me.
I havent seen her for about 3 months. She said "where have you been you slacker" I told her the good news!
"So.....get back on the phone and get some work done.....we need you on the phones"
I only wish she worked out the bonuses this year.

So it seems I will be working hard at work aswell as at home. Dam!

edit - look here for more info..
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Thursday, February 03, 2005
happy birthday to me yesterday 29 and loving it!
birthday morning started at 13:00 going for a curry for what a start! Then went to see the fockers at the!

Then then surprize!

G/f took me to the pub.....I hadnt been for about 6 months (ms thing)... Then I asked Sinead "where we going to sit?" she points towards the only available seat in the place! I spot the chair then realise I know about 6 people at the same table! 6 turns to 9 people who are singing happy birthday to me!

What a night....what a day...what an embarisment when they had to open the disabled toilet! It was down stairs! the main toilets were upstairs!

Apart from that a great day! I left at closing time too! drunk as a skunk but happy as larry! I love you Sinead but you are in so much trouble come your birthday!

I when out too the pub........................ wow!
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