Thursday, March 24, 2005
wow look at this!!!

Canabis helps the ms suffer in the form of a spray! Released this summer on the NHS! And I get my proscriptions for free! 18 for the rest of my life! Sombody get me shares in Marsbars and Coke!
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it looks like everyone has had a bad week
I have checked a couple of bloggs this week and I can see everyone is in the same boat (not just ms but!) fatigue! Its a bitch! Had to much coffee now, I think I need a pick me up too!

Somone has suggested speed (this was a joke!) but maybe worth some consideration! dont think my liver could hack it! I think i will stick to random sleeping throughout the day. I will keep looking about for suggestions, Maybe this oxygen tent thing will work a bit .........dont know how .

I will have to fill in the forms for it first ! When I am not too tired, spotting a life loop here!

Get some rest, work, get some rest.....blar blar blar!

Oh sent home from work as i have a great pain in my tummy! Might have something to do with the fact that I havent been for about a week! Oh another life loop, talk about shit,cant do it, talk about it!!!
My god I aways go back to the gutter! Take care of each other
(850 last count! wow)
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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
I need your help,please leave a comment...
Hello all!

I need your comments with regard to feet!

I came home last night and asumed the possition that is leaving a shape in the setea!

Legs out straight with socked feet streched legs and it happened....I found I could not move the toes on my left foot! Anybody who has seen a fitness video knows the "flex and point" thing when it comes to legs and feet. I couldnt flex! I had to manually move my toes for 30 mins till the feeling came back and I could do it myself....well you know what I mean! Before I could do it with out the help of my hands.
My Question To You is : Have you had this happen to you? and How did you fix yours?

Please comment as I would like your help to stop this scarey feeling happening again....well dont you want to stop it before it happens to you then?
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Monday, March 21, 2005
back to work tuesday!
Its strange how having time off from work feels like i shouldnt be doing it!

Wait a second I should explaine.... at the moment the sickness is leaving me, I still have ms ofcourse its just taking a day off from ridding my ass! I know I have to return to work. But why do I feel like a school boy skiving when the fatgue runs out! I know its a good idea to make sure I am fine before returning to work.....Its just wierd!

Spent the weekend with family and sinead.......thats not right... spent the weekend with family(sorry sweetpea) Had a great time and even left the stick to one side when I went out! It looked really sad when I returned. But it was nice to leave it for half an hour! Dont know when that will happen again but i am keeping my fingers crossed it will happen soon and for longer!

I am going back to work tuesday...I found out today that they are still paying me full time wages as they want me there.....! Still doing reduced hours too, I have told them.........honest! They say its ok they just want me to be confortable!(I think govenment legistration has some thing to do with this!) I think its also as I have told them that I want to return full time.

I NOT AN AMIMAL! Just let me work full time and I will put all my energy into making the buisness better!

Filling in forms for the oxygen tent thing today, thats if i dont fall asleep soon! Cant wait too see what happens. I will tell you all on the blog!

Hope you are all well! Love and hugs to all!
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Thursday, March 17, 2005 that how you spell it?
Well here is the update for yesturday....

Met some amazing people...who are all in the same boat as me! Wow! The feeling of warmth you get when somone understands!
Got the drip of blue smurf blood(Mitoxantrone)
Given some information about oxygen tents....phoned through this morning and they are sending an info pack!hopefully start as soon as possible as a fellow ms'er told me some benifits,come on any benifit will do!
Had to sit and watch some one be told that they cannot have the drug due to an infection in there nervouse sysyem.....somewhere! she is going back next week after a course of antibiotics...good luck girl!
This visit was different to the previouse visit as I was going through the same crap as the same time! It gave me a stange feeling!

I am not sure what it is but maybe alot more oxygen will help me work it out! Life changing moment noted and recieved god! We are going to have a long time chat about this when I pass the pearly gates thing!

Good wish to everyone I met yesturday see you next quarter! Hope you are feeling better after the nausea is finished with you! I still feel like crap!
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Monday, March 14, 2005
Well well well!
Well I am off work again!
My occupational health advisor took a visit today and gave me a fatigue stratigies planner....what you can plan this? Guess what you have to give yourself time to relax as well as exercise! Its not going to take hours its going to be a life changing plan! I didn't think it was going to be an easy but to do this on a daily basis.

I am going to hospital this wednesday for smurf blood! I am sure I will feel bad for a while after it but may give me some restbite! I will try to update with the effects but not to sure how it will make me feel the second time!

feeling nervouse

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005
just doing some surfing and found this...
hi guys
go here

The drug hasnt even been tried in this country, I now lots of people in the us are seeing benifits from it an I was looking forward to see'ing the results in 10 years time.....but I am not sure now!
Not that I am unhappy with other people triying it out for me. Its just that this time next week I will be under the needle getting my second dose of smurf blood and was hoping there will be light at the end of this dark pit called ms.
I just the E.U was up to date with the US!(10 years behind!!)
Well maybe........back to beer and good music for me!
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Its all in the music!!!!!
Listening to the D....
If you know them you will understand! So much better than Radio head!

I have been into work an discussed reducing my hours! It all starts here!
reduce hours work harder and listen to good rock!!!!!!!!!!

Rock your socks off! No more blues from here on in! Bring on the beer and dancing girls!
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Friday, March 04, 2005
Hmm whats next....?
Thankyou all for your great comments yesturday! I had forgoten how many people read this. (I should learn how to read the metre) It has been a great pic-me-up to read the suggestions! I now have a purpose! I know it sounds pretty sad but I love it!

I think I do want to give up work and do somthing else but not too sure what, I am just going to take my time! If I do anything to stay away from the house I will be happy not to sit in the chair thats modling itself to my ass.

I know I cant give up meat...i had a steak this week which kicked ass....I want more!
I spoke to localhost(brother) and my little bro who sent me porn to cheer me up!

I tole my doctor about this blog and next time he see's me he wants the web page!!! I will have to stop bitching about him...(joke doc!)

A big thankyou for all your suggestion yesturday( by the way my parents havent got back to me yet,mybe they are not reading! Sinead neither!) Hope you dont go down that dark path ever1
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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
I need a break from this
i know i have left a blog allready today but you might want to see the inner workings of this very outgoing person. I am feeling low.....very low! What escape do I get from this ms thing! When are you supposed to feel better1 It seems like a downward spiral! I am feeling suicidal, how do you do it? Should I be planing it now while I can still hold the smoking gun? I know this will shock a few people who care for me but I felt I should tell everyone. I rang my mum today and couldnt say a word to her. I guess I have to give up listening to Radiohead!
this is bad
when does it get better?
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Off work again but...
I beat the 80 year old in a street race....ok its walking but he managed to say somthing to me too. Nice old man. He used to play golf and could go for three rounds.....oooohhh! Calm down girls he is married! But if that says anything for the english we can go the distance!

It was nice to have a conversation with somone that wasn't about the dreaded ms thing. Could be a future focus thing depending how bad it gets! I want to go back to work now but I know if I did it wouldn't be nice for anyone! Pluking up the guts for tomorrow, but we will see. this cough is doing my head in!
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