Monday, October 23, 2006
Early start this morning...
I have a few things to do today. I have started my Christmas shopping today as I don't want to be dragging Claire round the packed stores with the usual Christmas marauders. You might think I have started a bit early but I think it best to give some thought to the gifts this year as the funds will not be as affluent. The scale of how much thought and funds will have to be weighed heavlifly on the thought side as I know its going to be tight purse strings come December 25. I also have to keep what I buy from here as my family will find out. All I will say is that I think my dad will be happy with the gift that I have ordered for him this morning. I make it a rule that I buy myself something before I start every year and I have a new webcam also en route!

So with this spending I made sure I give my finances an overhaul and the first port of call had to be the buying of the shares from the bank. Yeah I know....More spending but the long term benefits are going to be better than if I just take the cash. This morning was the closing date for the options, 09:00 to be exact and that was my shakey legged ass had to be up early. I decided to just buy the full amount of shares on offer and do damage control afterwards. My savings will cover the 495 shares and then some. I get the access in my account over the next 10 days or so. I have dreams of it being a massive amount but I know its not going to be that much. I think this is the first sensible move I have made with money.........EVER and I don't want to waste my nest egg.(In the past it has been scrambled or fried within seconds!) The scary thing is I think that means I have finally grown up and my childhood is over..........Errrggg what a horrible thought!

Even though the last couple of days has been traumatic I have had time to think about a variety on things and there is one thing that sticks out like a thorn in my side. I think Bobbeh's view point on euthanasia and the March family is correct.(Damb smelly hippeh!) There I said it! I will have to say sorry to him and to Mr March I think he was very brave just to bring it to the public view and I thank him for it. I know its a strong view point to bring to the table but I would at least like the option should this disease get that bad. Without getting my family into trouble if 'I' decide to end my life. I do believe that the government should be open to the regulate this in the future if they don't find a cure. I do have to say I want to live and want to help others get the best out of there lives and I only hope they will find a cure before my body fails me. It is harsh reality and very scary(not just that Bobbeh was right!Damb hippies!) and I applaud Mrs March and hope she can rest in peace. At least the topic of discusion is now being talked about and maybe the government will look into getting us a cure.....But what do I know this is 'just a diary'!

I have my young lady coming today so I can get a hug and let the troubles of the world leave me for a while. Its amazing to get a hug from the her. The loving embrace from her can cure so much.

Hope you are all well!
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