Sunday, October 22, 2006
It appears my ability to make discussion isn't disabled!
To celebrate yesterdays good day I got myself some beer....It all goes down hill from there really but it ended in a good place. Had a really indepth conversation with Bobbeh about Mr and Mrs March through MSN messenger which was fueled by alcohol on both sides. I did learn something and would like to talk more about it so something did come out of it. We were rudely interrupted by a group of my neighbors who were also fuel by raging alcohol and I had to leave my converse with him.

I got to meet some more of my neighbors(for the first time!) as the discussion outside got a bit ruff. As I cannot stand for long and the topic of disturbing the disabled residence in these flats was approached upon very briefly. The cool couple(who gave me my TV) were involved and I asked them in to divert the attention of the very angry 3rd party to there beds. We chatted for about 30 minutes and relaxed them from the very stressful situation by playing Jazz from my collection and offering them tea and smokes.(very English I know!hehe) I was just starting to think that the situation was resolved when I got a rapid heavy tapping on my window which got louder with every beat. The cool couple were disturbed again and went back to how they were before.

They went back outside and it started again with equal vigor but my name was being mentioned more and more. I herd very loud shouting and some threats of fire and death coming from every party before it all seemed to finish and there was slamming of doors as they all returned to there own homes. I was hoping that would be the end of it but no! The police had been called for the public disturbance and they,quite rightly went to make sure that the female 3rd party(who is single) was not hurt and after they confirmed with my friends up stairs they left and I was not disturbed by them.

10 minutes after they left I got another tapping on the window so I answered as she wouldn't stop. Holding on to walls as I opened the door and got a very short telling off it went a bit like this:

"Are you the guy in the ground floor flat here?" 3rd party
"Well I am not a lesbian! And you have no right to say that I dress like one"
"Ok I am sorry" My legs wobbling like crazy as adrenaline starts to be added to the drink that I had in my system. She continued and started to go off on a tangent about things I didn't understand or have any involment in. Then she stormed off saying something that made me laugh uncontrollably.

Becuase I laughed she came back starting again so instead of falling over I said
"Oh Come in so I can sit down for this as my legs are killing me!" She looked like a disgruntled child and I had taken her toy. She stopped and thought about it for a second then said
"Errr...Yeah.....Err ok!" she was taken aback. Brave or stupid on my side I had to get this finished and make sure the rest of the people in the flats were no longer disturbed by this obliviously upset woman.

So yet again the tea came out and jazz music was placed in the CD player. We talked and calmed her down and she then took a different side to her which I had not seen through tonights activities. I smiled. She couldn't continue with her madness attack.(saying "I am not a lesbian" about 50 times) She then started to open up and relax.

I asked questions about her and listened to the answers with intent and no fear. She relaxed more and was starting to feel like I was a friend. She started to flirt with me so I told her about Jen. I wanted her to relax but not that much. The slight touching of my knee continued but it was more of and accident after that. She felt confortable and saw me as a friend(I hope) then and she had a different look on her face that told me she had to go home and sleep off, in bed, the remaining alcohol and stop trying to get me in one. We had another cup of tea then talked about music,books, religon and family. I do feel I made a friend there. When she went home I think the alcohol maddness had left her so she will sleep well. Its does seem that if I don't do anything lifes maddness finds me instead me looking for it. I hope they are all embarised about last night and the guys in other flats were not disturbed ... But I did get two hugs from each of the girls and a "Awww your so cool" so my work here,I think is done! I have to thank Frank Zappa for having a calming effect on the situation. But my god I have to get some sleep tonight and I really do hope that I don't get this every weekend from now on.

Hope you are all well.(and drink free!)
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  • At 11:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    o celebrate yesterdays good day I got myself some beer....It all goes down hill from there really

    I find that if I just stick to the beer part, falling down the hill wont happen! ;)

  • At 8:16 am, Blogger personallog! said…

    Well...My ass has wheels now and I can but on the breaks at any time now.Hehe!


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